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Thousand Sons Warpsmith

+++ Thousand Sons Warpsmith +++ If you follow along with my site you will notice I like my Chaos war machines, so I thought it was about time to make a Thousand Sons Warpsmith. So...


Review: Evil Craft Sorcerer

So Evil Craft have sent me some samples to review and I am just in love with the detail on them. First to be reviewed is the sorcerer model.


Iron Warriors: The Chosen WiP 2

++++ IRON WARRIORS KILL TEAM CAEDES ++++ Sargeant Caedes is back with his roving Kill Team with another few layers of paint. I am fed to my back teeth of painting trim at this stage though,...


Doomrider Complete

Daemon Prince of Slaanesh: Doomrider Well I got there in the end and Doomrider is complete. Sadly the pictures are letting me down again and the folding light studio I scraped together some money...