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Thousand Sons Defiler Scorpion Conversion 7

Finished – Thousand Sons Defiler

+++ Complete +++ After a good paint session, as I played D&D over Google+, I got the Defiler finished. Complete with random arcane markings, which I feel keep the demon trapped inside. So all...

Thousand Sons Defiler Scorpion Conversion 14

Thousand Sons Scorpion Paint

+++ Now with paint +++ Things have been too quiet in the Silver Tower of Lord Heka and so I got back to work on my defiler conversion for my 8th edition Thousand Sons....


Thousand Sons 8th Edition Army Build

2000 points Thousand Sons 8th Edition Gargoyles on the walls of Lord Heka’s silver tower opened their mouths and screamed the call to arms, over and over again. War was coming … again …...


WiP Wednesday – May

+++ WiP Wednesday – May +++ Remember when people didn’t want to go into a GW store because they would be harassed by overly friendly staff? I am starting to feel that way about...

Thousand Sons Warpsmith conversion 8

Thousand Sons Warpsmith

+++ Thousand Sons Warpsmith +++ If you follow along with my site you will notice I like my Chaos war machines, so I thought it was about time to make a Thousand Sons Warpsmith. So...


Review: Evil Craft Sorcerer

So Evil Craft have sent me some samples to review and I am just in love with the detail on them. First to be reviewed is the sorcerer model.