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30K Iron Warriors Destroyers – WiP

We return to a regular side project on this site, Horus Heresy era Iron Warriors. After reading Angel Exterminatus recently I got inspired to return to this project. This isn’t the most tactically planned out army, things are based on looks and the imagery they invoke. As such I wanted a Destroyer Cadre. A number of… Read More »

Warhammer 40K Thousand Sons 39: Iskandar Khayon WIP 3

So I spent three hours on Khayon tonight…it doesn’t look like I have gotten anything done though. But I did at least get my little model noticed by Aaron Dembski-Bowden himself. Always a nice moment that but on with the pictures of Iskander Khayon, the narrator in the Talon Of Horus. Iskandar Khayon WIP 3: Your… Read More »

Warhammer 40K Thousand Sons 38: Iskandar Khayon WIP 2

Just a small update my my Iskandar Khayon project. I deceided to go with the more standard post Rubric blue and gold, both to match my Thousand Sons and because painting black armour isn’t as much fun! Still lots to be done but it is getting there. First post is over here. Iskandar Khayon WIP 2:… Read More »