Thousand Eyes – Me

I started this site, on blogspot, many moons ago to try and cronicle my attempts at getting games published. Indeed if you look all the way back those posts are still there.

These days I haven’t sold a game, but keep trying, but I do like to paint toy soldiers and very occasionally I get to play them. All is dust!

Silvertabby – Kirsten

Let me introduce myself. My name is Kirsten, and I have been part of this hobby for the last 26 years. For half of that time I have professionally painted, with years of work from 2000 onwards in codeces, books (for more than one company) and the Warhammer World Exhibition Centre.

In what spare time isn’t spent wrangling children and rampaging through forests chasing monsters dressed as a psychotic wood elf or a Sister of Battle, I have been known to build and paint my own models and armies.


I’ve been playing Warhammer since the first 2nd ed set came out. Man I’m old. In between ranting about army lists I’ve designed, I then impulsively build those armies, play them, and find out my dreams don’t match reality. Competitive player, who is nonetheless terrible at the game.

Catch me on the mid to low tables. In between obsessively painting, and losing at 40k, you’ll find me running events. I started the national tournament scene in China, and now act as a TO for hire in the London area.