Easy Way to Make a DIY Banner and Flag for Miniatures

Time to scratch build a banner/flag. The Real Broken Fingers is a great painter on Instagram that I have been following via the sites own Instagram account. Everyone now and then this generous painter posts tutorials, rather good ones. I thought to myself we haven’t had a tutorial since Joe from Brokenpaintbrush did his piece… Read More »

Talos Pain Engine – Painting Guide and Showcase

Who doesn’t like a Talos Pain Engine running across the board at you? Well my friend Raven_Sean loves to help people out with that. He is here to showcase his recent Engine. Talos Pain Engine Raven_Sean: I love Aeldari. I Love Clive Barker’s Hellraiser. My Drukhari Kabal is even called “The Lament Configuration” after the… Read More »