Dreadtober 2022: Part 1

By | 10/11/2022

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We are back once again for Dreadtober 2022. This is a community building challenge, held over at DreadTober.  Hosted by Marc from Old School Gaming who brings together all the entries he can find for people to view. The idea is simple, get a Dreadnought sized model and get it put together, painted and ready to play across the month. It is completely where I took the idea for Squaduary from. Now lets dive into my entry for this year.

Chaos for Dreadtober 2022

2nd edition chaos dreadnought 01

As is my want I chose a Chaos Dreadnought for this ear, in particular one more for my Iron Warriors. This time taking a lucky find in a buy and sell group of a 2nd edition of Warhammer 40K metal model. A model I have always liked the look of and now it is mine, muhahaha! While it is armed with twin autocannons and a power scourge, I will most likely use it as twin heavy bolters. The first thing I did was get this primed up, I went for black and then over that with platemail. Which is brighter than I’d like but it was the only rattle can I had for it.

2nd edition chaos dreadnought 02

The trick with an Iron Warriors dreadnought it where do you put the hazard stripes? I mean this thing is a walking hazard. While I pondered that I moved on with some details and the base. For bases I have been a long time fan of Secret Weapon Miniatures, who are sadly closing down. This is a real shame as I liked them so much my first Leviathan and all of my Custodes are on them.

While I have already added a lot of grime to this 20 year old miniature, I do want to make it look like a Legion relic. So I will adding some erosion and further weathering. The important step next will be to add some colour, as it currently is a touch drab. Even for the Iron Warriors.

2 thoughts on “Dreadtober 2022: Part 1

  1. Siph

    I am back in the country for Squaduary, looking forward to that next year. Good luck with this Dreadtober pledge mate

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      Now that is an early pledge! I am looking forward to it, no clue what I am doing for it but it is usually something from Christmas.

      Dread is going well so far, always interesting painting a full metal model over plastic.


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