Squaduary 2022: A late start

By | 02/07/2022

Welcome to February and Squaduary 2022! Sadly last year I didn’t run the event and that was down to my own mental health. But I 100% planned to run it this year, then completely forgot until I saw Siph from WeeMen had their entry up and running. Well that is all on me to catch up then.

Squaduary runs through the month of February and aims to help people get a new squad built and painted. Throughout the month you pledge, build and paint a set of troops for your army. The aim is to get some of your grey plastic pile and turn them into painted troops on the battlefield. Some models may have been partially built, some may have been base coated, but it is up to you. These minis could be from Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, Bolt Action or anything else. Don’t feel it has to be Game Workshop only.

This is the sixth year of Squaduary, the final posts for each year are linked below:

2020 final post – 2019 final post – 2018 final post – 2017 final post

So let’s see what people have been up to:

Siph from WeeMen (link to blog post)

“So I’ve progressed with the Bikers somewhat, clipped from sprue, undercoated and cleaned up ready for construction. I’ve assembled the wheels and drybrushed them with a little of the Mournfang Brown to match the bases.”

Chucking Monkeys (link to blog post)

“Barb the Barbarian’ is an interesting sculpt.  There are female versions of all the basic heroes in the updated set.  Very politically correct.

Continuing from left to right we have ‘Wendy the Warlock’, ‘Verdaine the Druid’ and ‘Waaagh! the Bard’ (yes, he’s an Ork bard). I’m not sure most of my family really get into the roleplaying aspect when comes to naming characters but then I called my wizard avatar ‘Jandalf the Great’ so I have no cause to complain.  In one game, I cast the spell ‘Pass Through Rock’ and inadvertently phased through to the boss room, triggering a party wipe.  My family renamed him ‘Jandalf the Mediocre’.”

262nd Death Korps of Krieg (link to blog post)

Last year the event did not happen, but we painted on anyway completing 12 Traitor Guardmen hostiles from the original Blackstone Fortress box set.  This year the community is back at it and we are again forging on with five Adeptus Custodes models.

Thousand Eyes

Squaduary Legion of the Dammed Outriders

For my own self I am going to work on a trio of Outriders for my all Primaris Legion of the Dammed. I have been working away on units of these for a good while. Free-handing the flames and bone elements has been proving to be relaxing. That being said I have been rather slow with them, so we will see if I can get this done.


hive guard tyranid squaduary

This was the squad that I made from all my spare parts – resin bodies, plastic guns, warrior legs. It then got mangled as I was betrayed by my spray, and was then stripped (very carefully) and sprayed once more…

Looking forward to seeing what people can get done.

10 thoughts on “Squaduary 2022: A late start

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      Sorry I missed it, I have been wanting to get back into my blogging more. Will add your pledge to the above post.

  1. Cylde Ar

    Is too late to participate?.
    I’ll be sharing through Instagram. @cyldear

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      Never too late to start, go for it.

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      Thank you for the encouragement. Looking forward to seeing what everyone does.

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      Grand so. I have been checking in on them but have yet to see anything on the blogs.

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