#Squaduary 2018 final post

By | 03/01/2018

#Squaduary 2018 is over!

Here we are at the Squaduary 2018 final post! So lets break down the numbers before we jump into the models.

Started: 300+
Completed: 250+

I honestly lost count. There was a lot of posts across sites, Twitter and Instagram. Which was great to see so many people taking part, the only problem being I kept missing some of the posts. My deepest apologies to those I missed. We had a high concentration of Games Workshop this time it seems, but ah well. We got a lot of models out onto the battlefield and painted.

“So I finally got my Sisters of Battle across the finish line. Not quite happy with the scheme and it didn’t end up as clean as I wanted it to look.”

sisters of battle

sisters of battle 2

Svartmetall from Stepping Between Games

“aaaand we’re done. Fairly pleased with how these dudes have turned out.”

tOther from Stepping Between Games

Baz from Stepping Between Games

“This is my final psot for the event. Still need to finish the bases but really happy with my squatling snipers. Learnt how to make my own chestnut wash in the process , which over mechanicus grey primer and then dry brushed with skrag brown makes an awesome aged leather effect. The thunderhawk blue gives a great contrast colour for the under jackets and I’m super chuffed with the hair and skin. For years I’ve struggled with skin but think I’ve finally cracked a combination of bone colours and washes that works really well.”

Dessie from Stepping Between Games

“So, the end of February – a month associated with hearts, and flowers, and romance, and love.

Instead I painted catsuit wearing, sadomasochistic, speed freak, space-elves…. at least the heart element is fine though, I’m sure they’ll think it’ particularly tasty.
My girls and boys are finished, I have 2 female bikers and 1 male.
I’m rather glad that GW have female representation in this army line – and continue to hope that they will diversify further – especially in the Imperial Guard range.
I’m quite glad with how this Squaduary has gone, it’s only the 3 models, I’ll grant, but they’re bigger and a bit more complex than most infantry. I’ve grown quite attached to the colour scheme as well now – I think that it works quite nicely.
I’ve now got a Kabalite Squad, an Archon, and a Raider sitting waiting to be built and painted and then that will be the Start Collecting -Drukhari boxed set complete.
It’s been a fun challenge.
My thanks to the inestimably Rory for running this and for encouraging me to keep going.”
dark eldar jetbikes 2
dark eldar jetbikes 3

Kirsten from Stepping Between Games

“And this is as far as I will get tonight. Blue, white and silver done. Not as finished as I wanted, but given I ended up with 4 days to do them in…”

kirsten sisters of battle seraphim

Hayden from Stepping Between Games

“I’m unlikely to get enough time to finish the last model, but I’m happy enough with these guys now they’re based.”

space wolves wolf guard terminators

Pluckylad from Stepping Between Games

“All finished, and off to join Recon Company Theta Omega 7.”

horus heresy alpha legion

Pluckylass from Stepping Between Games

“Hurrah! Finished and based and ready to go! Now all I need is the other 50-odd models and I’m ready to go.”

sisters of silence

Fellow bloggers

Ann from AnnWycoff

“I want to get some pictures up here proving I completed the painting challenges before I go to sleep tonight. Finished without a lot of time to spare!”

DMary from 262nd Death Korps of Krieg

Cylde from Mastadontica


Ed O’Malley from Berserker Blade

“We’ve reached the end of Squaduary 2018 and I’m pleased to announce that I’ve completed my pledge of three Kataphron Destroyers for my Adeptus Mechanicus force.”

Blazmo from Tabletop Apocalypse

“Well, I’m finally finished. The challenge was to paint a squad in February, and I pledged 10 40k Skaven troops (for use as Skitarii Vanguard) with a Dominus as the extra stretch goal. I’ve absolutely smashed my original target. This year, I’m delivering 10 Vanguard and the Dominus, plus the Doom-Crawler (Onager) and an additional 5 man Arquebus unit.”

Green Dal from 40K for the Win

“I completed 20 genestealers. I am very happy with these. They will become my go to genestealers while my old ones will be used as needed.”

Siph from The Weemen

“I am glad to report my Squaduary 2018 pledge is complete, based and sealed. I had a blast doing these guys, sometimes a lack of great detail akin to modern plastics is refreshing and helps keep a good pace!”

Westrider from Cascadian Grim Dark

Azazelx from Azazelx’s Bitz Box

“Finishing them off a few days ago, after all of the Plaguebearers. For these, I can definitely credit Squaduary for motivating me to get them done. So my total Squaduary models come to 27 Plaguebearers, plus 9 wolves. 36 models, so not too shabby.”

Castigator from Castigators Chaos

“I might be failing with my Squadruary pledge but I’ve finally managed to paint up the leader of my Escher gang and so have completed my Fembruary Challenge! The entire model was something of an experiment (probably not the best idea to start with my leader but impetuousness is a Slaaneshi trait after all). I’m really pleased with how she’s turned out and while there are a couple of things I’d like to spend more time on, I have another nine gang members to get through!”

NafNaf from Objective Secured

“As Squaduary draws to a close I thought it only appropriate to show off my final project for it, a bunch of Tree Revenant conversions, built and painted.

Iactually converted these a while ago, but with one thing and another I never got the chance to post the pics before I started painting them. Well seeing as I have the painted pics ready now, I thought I would combine the two posts into one and show you both together :)”

Boss Bluddtoof from Code 40K

“#Squaduary entry complete! Huzzah! And with plenty of time to spare.
Here’s my complete VII Legion Astartes, Imperial Fists, Rapier Quad Bolter Battery.”

Corrm from St Andrews Wargaming


Monkey Chuka from Chucking Monkeys

“Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. And sometimes it looks better in the morning. I could probably tinker with them more but I’m calling my Squaduary done. I decided to be a devilishly cool hipster and make up my own purple colour, not using a scheme in the Citadel Paint App.”

CJ from Into the Void

“We made it! The end of the month is here and I’ve managed to get my pledge completed in a timely manner. I’m thrilled to be able to say I made my Squaduary goals. I’m not sure what I’ll do next with these guys… I’ve got the Blessed Primarch to lead them, as well as the Custodes and Sisters of Silence from Burning of Prospero to tag along with him. I’d say that will make for some good Imperial Soup once I get it all finished.”

Nick from the The Burning Eye

“A load of finished models, that’s what! Well, not actually finished, but only requiring minimal work and work that I want to do all together for the army, so they’re finished for now.”

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30 thoughts on “#Squaduary 2018 final post

  1. Derek McAllister

    Damned fine work folks, and thanks Rory for running it.
    Lot of bloody good stuff there.
    Blazmo’s Skaven Skitarii I think are the ones that really catch my eye… that walker at the back really makes it!! Nice work

    1. Blazmo

      Thanks, although impressing people with a massive walker during a squad challenge sounds like cheating!

  2. Siph

    Thanks Rory, great event and loads of cool minis now fighting the good fight!

    1. Ed OMalley

      Really like your Praetorians Cylde. They’re ace!

  3. Ed OMalley

    Fantastic work all around. Thanks again Rory.

      1. Derek McAllister

        Likewise, no monsters.
        Though actually I think I have an old metal dragon ogre somewhere kicking about.. Could stick it in a sock and use it to mug people πŸ˜‰

  4. Da Masta Cheef

    That’s a mighty fine showing by everyone, mighty fine!!

  5. Castigator

    Brilliant! Some really great work here.
    Well done to everyone who took part…..except me, I failed miserably, I shall retire to the pain glove as penance for my abysmal failure.
    Thanks Rory for at least giving me the urge to pick up a brush πŸ˜‰

    1. Westrider

      You’re not alone in that. Nurgle sabotaged my efforts on my Slaaneshi Units and kept them from completion in the time allotted.

  6. Svartmetall

    Well done to everyone, and thanks to Rory for running this πŸ™‚

  7. dmary

    Thanks for running the challenge again this year, Rory. Lots of great projects all around. A great opportunity for so many folks to share their work.

  8. Ann Wycoff

    Thank you for doing the challenge; it was a lot of fun and really pushed me to finish another box of plaguebearers and reach my 20 model “Cloud of Flies” personal goal as well.

      1. Ann Wycoff

        Indeed! Everyone loves Nurgle and Nurgle loves everyone! πŸ™‚

  9. Monkey Chuka

    Awesome. Thanks for running this and trawling through everyone’s weird ramblings on the internets to bring it all together.

  10. Monkey Chuka

    I reckon SDFNET40K has imploded into a black hole. This is entirely forgivable given the number of miniatures attempted.


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