Forgebane leaked pictures

By | 03/05/2018

Forgebane leaked pictures:

Necrons versus AdMech is a theme I can get behind, let alone the fact it comes with mini knights! We were teased with pictures of these knights an age ago so it is nice to see them in a set. Rumours say it should be with us within two months.

So, I’ll follow up with some more info because GW folks seems to be a bit more open now this has leaked:

  • this is a campaign boxset like Blightwar for AoS
  • there will be four different knights releasing after this box, including the ones in this one.

Who else is excited by this?

Update: Warhammer Community have put out an official preview.

11 thoughts on “Forgebane leaked pictures

  1. Dave Weston

    How many folk are going to want to split this box, just not wanting the Necrons! Me for one!

    1. Ed OMalley

      Count me in, who wants some Necrons!?

      1. Dave Weston

        Oh man yeah. Remember Shield of Baal: Deathstorm? Shed loads of Genestealers and Carnifex on ebay! Carnifex were going for £15 on sprue, we didn’t know how good we had it as now folk are hunting them high and low!

  2. dmary

    Nice looking set for sure! A good introduction for the new Warglaives.

  3. Westrider

    Ooh, shiny! I have to say, tho, I’m probably going to leave this stuff off for a while. I’ve just got too many different things going on as it is. I still haven’t even put my Mechanicus on the table in 8th.

      1. Westrider

        Definitely. It’s great to see AdMech getting expanded, and very nice to see some of the Necron Finecast getting updated to plastic.


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