#Squaduary 2018 week 4

By | 02/22/2018

#Squaduary 2018 week 4 is here!

Welcome to Squaduary 2018 week 4! We have a fantastic amount of models being pushed through, with some wonderful conversions and paint jobs. I already consider this to be a better year than last year. Not just in volume of models but in peoples support for each other. That being said:

“I got nothing done. Nada. Zip.”

Svartmetall from Stepping Between Games

“All 3 Spawn, fully base coated and ready for the fun stuff like blood, rust and oozing fluids…”

tOther from Stepping Between Games

Baz from Stepping Between Games

“Great progress this week. My own recipe chestnut ink looks great over the grey undercoat for leather effect ! Now to make my own crackle base.”

Dessie from Stepping Between Games

It’s been a slow week for me, it’s been half term so more time spent messing around with the sprog (including a game of 40k where he kicked my ass 7-2) rather than painting.

I’ve done a little bit of work on the riders. Just some base coating so far..
I have also learned to hate Trollslayer orange which is arguably one of the grottiest paints I’ve ever had to work with (it also tastes disgusting for all you brush lickers out there).
So yeah slow progress. I also have to remember how much of these bikers will be visible as their pose pretty much ensures that all of the front of them will be covered up by them being hunched over the bike.
I’ll do the rest as the week progresses
(Now I’m just really looking forward to the Dark Eldar Codex coming out… come on GW… gimme a date, already 😉 )

Kirsten from Stepping Between Games

Hayden from Stepping Between Games

“I prefer a darker colour scheme for my wolves, picked out with bits of bling. Like the serephim sepia effect over the gold on these – coming together nicely. Still have the pack leader to do, though. I hate faces…”

Pluckylad from Stepping Between Games

“As Alpha Legion are one of the most varied in paint schemes and “How do I paint the Heresy colour scheme” is a frequent internet question, here is my take. Through the stages- Black undercoat covered by leadbelcher, dry brushed ironbreaker, lighter drybrush of runefang steel. Tamiya clear blue over the top and a drybrush of Tamiya clear green over that.”

Pluckylass from Stepping Between Games

“I’ve been doing a lot of odds and ends, so mine are all at different stages. The cyberhounds (or as Dale has christened them, the flam doggos) are mostly inked now, and the pursuers themselves are halfway through basecoating. The bases are started and I’ve noticed that a common problem with sisters of silence is that the sergeant model doesn’t look very distinctive, so I’ve got a pack of cats so the leader of each squad can have one on their base and thus make it easier for my opponent than having to judge a shiniest axe competition each time.”

Fellow bloggers

Ann from AnnWycoff

“I got two more plaguebearers done over the the holiday weekend for the February Squaduary Painting Challenge. This brings me to three complete of the ten I need to get done by the end of the month to have a legal squad, and ten of twenty to fulfill my own Cloud of Flies Codicil to the challenge.”

DMary from 262nd Death Korps of Krieg

“With most of the obvious colors painted in by the end of week two, week three progress is not so obvious to make out. Many hours were spent though and these Dark Angels creep ever closer to field readiness. Week four will be exciting. I must finally complete the armor edge highlighting (seen partially complete on the front left marine in the pictures) which will be time consuming. Then decal the right shoulder pads and complete all remaining highlights and touch ups. I may not see every planned detail done, but I am confident I will close out Squaduary with a respectable squad none-the-less.”

Cylde from Mastadontica

“The third squad week is here, if I do not publish anything for the second one, but with the GT GT from Valencia it happened to me and now it seems too late to do so, and I’m going to present you the mortar squad that is already finished.” (Google translate mangled his words on me – Rory)

Ed O’Malley from Berserker Blade

“Three quarters of the way through Squaduary and things are looking pretty good. I’ve got two of the three models completed and have made a good start on the last one.”

Blazmo from Tabletop Apocalypse

“For my first vehicle, I wanted to make something interesting and unique for my 40k Skaven without it being completely unrecognisable when the army goes to war. This conversion is probably about 90% Onager parts with just a few additional bits. A lot of it was jostled about and repurposed though to make it work.”

“Given a few modifications, theses conversions would also be suitable for Age of Sigmar for use as Jezzails. For my purposes, I’m using them as Transuranic Arquebuses for my 40k Skaven/Mechanicus.”

Green Dal from 40K for the Win

“This week, I continued to work on my genestealers for #Squaduary 2018. They are getting closer to being finished with only highlighting, claws, and bases left for me to finish. Let’s take a look.”

Siph from The Weemen

“I made really good progress this week which I am happy to report, only bases left to do. Squad Cato is now at full strength and has all its Marines present and correct. My new favourite is the hazard striped chainblade accessory Bolter armed Marine! Although front row, second from left has really striking eyes :)”

Westrider from Cascadian Grim Dark

“Progress goes well on the Seekers, tho, with the older ones built and just needing some basing work, and the newer ones wanting some gold, a little touch up on the black and purple, and a wash, then some grass powder.”

Azazelx from Azazelx’s Bitz Box

Castigator from Castigators Chaos

NafNaf from Objective Secured

Boss Bluddtoof from Code 40K

“The Imperial Fists Quad Bolter Rapier Battery is coming along well. These photos are as of last night; I’ve got the metal done and the red detailing is complete, currently working on the rest of the detailing such as skulls, lenses, iconography and cables. Once that’s done it’s just transfers and final weathering to go, so I should be all good to finish by months end.”

Corrm from St Andrews Wargaming

“Today’s hobby update sees another completed model for my White Scars tournament army, the Captain with Jump Pack. ”


“Some catachan test models for – feedback before I progress the rest plz? Any idea how to highlight camo easily?”

“Stones on bases grey, wash, drybrushx2. Dark green basecoats. Light green vest&camo. All x193 models! Tomorrow flesh+browns.”

Monkey Chuka from Chucking Monkeys

CJ from Into the Void

“It’s a good thing I am ahead of the game with this challenge since I lost most of the weekend playing ‘Oxygen Not Included’ instead of cracking on with my Primaris. Still most is not all and I got some more work done.”

Nick from the The Burning Eye


FettFace from Back on the Battlewagon

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7 thoughts on “#Squaduary 2018 week 4

  1. Castigator

    Ah man, You’re all putting me to shame!
    Great work everybody……except me, I suck!

  2. Siph

    SDFnet40k you can highlight most Camo green with a light drybrush of Karak Stone or Ushabti Bone. Speedy which you’ll need…

  3. Blazmo

    I’m really enjoying seeing these weekly updates. I need to get all my finished stuff together at the end for one big photo!
    I hope you’ll do one of those counts like last year to see how many models were finished/played with. I’ll be interested to see (Although as SDFNet has about 200 Catachans on the go, the count should automatically be pretty much doubled!)

    1. Rory (Stepping Between Games)

      I fully intend to do one. But yeah the stats will be sprightly different for sure, if he can pull it off. I also need to add a lot of blogs to my list to follow.


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