#Squaduary: An invitation and explanation

By | 01/26/2018

Another year has rolled by and #Squaduary 2018 is coming ever closer! For those new to the blog and didn’t see it last year I will pop the rules down below:

  1. Build and paint a full squad, or more, during the month of February. That is it. It can be from any game system you like.

As extras you can take photos each week and post along with everyone else. Every Thursday I will try to gather up as much progress as possible from around the net. From Twitter, Instagram and my fellow bloggers.

Previously we have laid out some stages as a guidline, I will repeat them below in case they help.

++ The Stages +++

There will be four stages, each taking a week, to this:

1. Assembly: 1st – 7th

Taking them off the sprues or putting them on bases, what ever way you get them ready for paint. 

2. Basic painting: 8th – 14th

This is your basic coating and blocking in colours.

3. Clean up and details: 15th – 21st

Cleaning up your colours and picking out all the bits to make the mini stand out.

4. Basing: 22nd – 28th

Adding the base or just painting it out.

Stages 2 and 4 can be swapped as per your own style. Hell you could ignore the lot, I am not the Corpse God Emperor of you!

There no hard rules for this event because this is a hobby and so should be fun for all. Getting that unit of Horus Heresy Destroyers done, your Orc Blood Bowl team out, your Malifaux crew ready to game, etc. Use this as a chance to gain some hobby momentum for the new year.

If you want a quick look back at last years event the post is here.

We are looking forward to seeing what comes out of the event this year. Lets see if we can break last years record of models.

37 thoughts on “#Squaduary: An invitation and explanation

  1. Siph

    Thanks for doing this again Rory, do you want progress emails or just looking yourself through blogosphere? Count me in, RTB01 Squad number two!

  2. Westrider

    Given how awful this time of year tends to be for priming, and how that messed me up last time, I think I’m going to vary things a bit by building one Squad, and then painting another from my already primed selection.

  3. Ed OMalley

    Count me in Rory! One Squad of Kataphron Destroyers coming up!

  4. Blazmo

    40k Skaven are a thing and I’ll prove it in Squadury 2018! Aiming at a 10 man squad and a character as a bonus goal depending on how things go. (Also potentially more)

    I’m ready to go *squeak*!

      1. Blazmo

        I’m using Skitarii/Mechanicus rules. They fit nicely – kind of high tech with enough interesting options to make it work. I think most people would admit that a Dune Crawler or a Dragoon is pretty Skaven-esque already!

        I’m using Stormvermin for the basic troops, so they are quite armoured. They just need guns and some tech bits. I’ve raided some bits merchants on eBay as well as my own supplies to get everything ready. I’m going to do a post outlining my plans some time before Squaduary starts properly.

  5. Al

    I’m in! thanks for organising it again! Got to get back into swing of things one way or another

  6. Svartmetall

    Put me in for 3 Chaos Spawn..

  7. Castigator

    Hmm……Daylight is slowly returning to the north of England so put me down for this. It will give me the incentive I need to get going on my Escher gang the Voodoo Dolls πŸ™‚

  8. NafNaf

    I can’t decide between an AOS Treemon unit or a warrior squad for La Danse Macabre…. decisions decisions

      1. Kyle Haydon

        Taurox Gatling cannons!

        Makes it a pricey conversion but it’s worthwhile to leave off the frag launchers up top, I think.

  9. michaelgmartin24

    Hi Rory, As I said in 40k blog group im in for this and will update on code blog and code instagram. I havent dont much for a while looking at this to put me back in the saddle.



  10. Grenn Dal

    Looking forward to joining in on the fun this year. I have 14 … wait now 20 genestealers to work on this year.

  11. corrm

    I’m in! Need to get some units for my White Scars painted up for a tournament at the end of the month, so this is perfect. I pledge a few units; a unit of Scouts, a unit of Vanguard Veterans and a unit of Assault Marines.

  12. SDFNET 40k

    Ok, I’m convinced! count me in for this challenge too! As I have another painting challenge going on for the month of February, for which i was thinking of building a baneblade, I think i will committed myself to paint up some Catachans infantry for this Squaduary. Wish me luck! This should be fun!

  13. Monkey Chuka

    Is it too late to sign up? I’ve just built and primed my Sepulchral Guard (technically on the 31st Jan) and I paint very haphazardly (i.e. I might do nothing for 3 weeks and then finish in 2 days). But its still a squad. Kind of.

  14. Myre

    I’ll join in for some of the fun. I think perhaps I’ll through in some wardens or verteus.


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