Iron Warriors 30K Destroyers – WiP 2

By | 01/24/2018

We are on a roll with our Horus Heresy era Iron Warriors. A lot more detail has been sorted on the armour and as such the pictures are a bit lighter. Now it is time to start picking out some details.

Iron Warriors 30K Destroyers - 1

A less dark image this time.

The eye lenses have a darker red, Crimson Gore I think, followed by a brighter red centre. I might follow that up with a dot of white. The weapons, all from Anvil Industries, seem to need something to indicate they are radiation or chemical weapons. Any thoughts?

Iron Warriors 30K Destroyers - 2 - jet packs

Jet pack glow

The glow on the jet packs was done in three stages. Dark blue, light blue and a careful white dry brush over the top. The yellow on the shoulder pads needs weathering and such added but does help break up all the silver.

Iron Warriors 30K Destroyers - 3

Iron Warriors 30K Destroyers - 4

Iron Warriors 30K Destroyers - 6

Iron Warriors 30K Destroyers - 7

The specialist

Iron Warriors 30K Destroyers - 8

The sergeant

So what do you think so far? These should distract me for a little while so I don’t start on my #Squaduary stuff, so I don’t start early.

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8 thoughts on “Iron Warriors 30K Destroyers – WiP 2

  1. Thor

    Looking awesome. Your yellow is really getting smoother, and the blue glow is a nice touch. Adds some interest without being too much.

  2. corrm

    Really like this squad. The old school look jump packs are a great choice.

  3. Siph

    Maybe paint the shells with a moot green tip? Chem Rounds.

  4. CJ

    Hi Rory, loving this squad! I’m late to the party, 5 years later!

    Could you please tell me which Anvil Miniatures Pistols you used for the Iron Warriors 30K Destroyers – 3, picture? I cannot seem to find them on Anvil’s website. Or what were the guns you converted?


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