30K Iron Warriors Destroyers – WiP

By | 01/21/2018

We return to a regular side project on this site, Horus Heresy era Iron Warriors. After reading Angel Exterminatus recently I got inspired to return to this project. This isn’t the most tactically planned out army, things are based on looks and the imagery they invoke. As such I wanted a Destroyer Cadre.

Iron Warriors Horus Heresy Destoryers WiP

A number of these parts were generously donated by a subject of a few of our posts: Svartmetall. The weapons all come from Anvil Industries. Destroyers come equipped with twin pistols and a raditon missile launcher. I had been looking for a reason to use that cannon for a while, perfect for large depleted uranium shells.

Iron Warriors Horus Heresy Destoryers WiP 2

The pistols using belt feeds are just perfect for this sort of look. Thankfully Anvil do both right and left hand pistols, makes a nice change.

While the models are all works in progress I am quite how with the look. Even if the pictures have been tweaked in post op to give a more grim dark feel. The jetpacks will be done with a blue glow I think, some ideas are already in mind for that.

So what do you think so far? These should distract me for a little while so I don’t start on my #Squaduary stuff, so I don’t start early.

Squaduary 2018 logo

4 thoughts on “30K Iron Warriors Destroyers – WiP

  1. Thor

    They look very cool. I really like the photo setup/editing as well.

    Maybe I missed it, but why are you avoiding doing something for Squaduary? You mean so you don’t work on it early?

  2. Mordian7th

    Sweeeeeeet – I really dig those!


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