#Squaduary preparations 

By | 17th January 2018

Squaduary is on the way, starting February 1st. For the second year of this event I decided to let my Patreons pick who I was going to paint. They had a choice between a squad of Sisters of Battle and a set of Thousand Sons. Both I was happy to do up, the tricky part is the votes are currently tied.

So as such I am prepping both!

The Sisters of Battle are straight forward, I don’t want to mess with the classics. But I do have some bases ordered from Secret Weapon Miniatures

Sisters of Battle - Squaduary

Can’t beat a classic

Meanwhile my beloved Thousand Sons have quite a few changes to them. They are using mostly recycled and third party parts. I am going to attempt to make these look a lot nicer than my original versions.

Thousand Sons - Squaduary

Jackal Squad

As such I went ahead and tried to greenstuff some tabbards and cloth around the models. This will hopefully be painting to look like manuscript when finished. Just a little attempt to push my skills out there.


Is anyone else excited for Squaduary?