#Squaduary preparations 

By | 01/17/2018

Squaduary is on the way, starting February 1st. For the second year of this event I decided to let my Patreons pick who I was going to paint. They had a choice between a squad of Sisters of Battle and a set of Thousand Sons. Both I was happy to do up, the tricky part is the votes are currently tied.

So as such I am prepping both!

The Sisters of Battle are straight forward, I don’t want to mess with the classics. But I do have some bases ordered from Secret Weapon Miniatures

Sisters of Battle - Squaduary

Can’t beat a classic

Meanwhile my beloved Thousand Sons have quite a few changes to them. They are using mostly recycled and third party parts. I am going to attempt to make these look a lot nicer than my original versions.

Thousand Sons - Squaduary

Jackal Squad

As such I went ahead and tried to greenstuff some tabbards and cloth around the models. This will hopefully be painting to look like manuscript when finished. Just a little attempt to push my skills out there.


Is anyone else excited for Squaduary?

28 thoughts on “#Squaduary preparations 

  1. Nick Thrower

    I’m excited, having missed it last year! I might even get my Intecessors painted up now I come to think about it! It’s about time, I’ve had them six months already!

  2. Ed OMalley

    Definitely excited for Squaduary. You can’t beat the motivation of these community painting events!

      1. Ed OMalley

        I’m not quite sure. I might do a squad of Kataphron Destroyers for my Adeptus Mechanicus.

  3. Al

    Yup I’ve got some plans bubbling away in my mind! The 8th ed death guard marines being turned in iron warriors is winning at the mo

      1. dmary

        With the new Dark Angels codex out with support for the Primaris marines, I’ll likely turn to a squad of Hellblasters. However, I have squads of Deathwatch and Grey Knights also waiting in the wings so I’m a little on the fence still. I just finished building and basing a 5-man DA hellblaster squad so it’s front-of-mind and desk at the moment…

          1. dmary

            It’s going to be a squad of 10 Dark Angels Hellblasters for certain. Lookign forward to the event and hte challenge.

  4. Blazmo

    I’m in. I enjoyed Squaduary last year, so I just need to work out what to paint this time!

      1. Blazmo

        I finally made my decision (drum-roll please)… It’s going to be a unit of 40k Skaven. I just hope I can build them fast enough!

        I made a small start on the project a few years ago and it’s time to make it a reality.

  5. Siph

    Yep, I’ll be joining in. I have another Squaduary RTB01 Squad to do again! I’ve been saving them for just this event 😉

      1. Siph

        Yep, it’s a great hobby event, up alongside Dreadtober and Spartember! I love these hobby community get togethers, thank you for organising another year’s efforts.

  6. Daniel Badnall-Neill

    Count me in. Got a lot of part painted stuff I’d like to finish but I may go with the 40 Poxwalkers who mock me daily with the sheer number of unpainted models. It’s technically 2 squads but hey, who’s counting….

  7. Grenn Dal

    How do we join in the fun that is squaduary?

    1. Rory (Stepping Between Games)

      Over the course of February you put together and paint to the best of your abilities a full squad. Use #squaduary on twitter or instagram and I will add the photos to the posts.

      1. Siph

        Will you be making a new logo without the spello? And your label, had to look twice for that tag 😉 Hee Hee

  8. Cylde

    Here we go again. Think i will go with an space marine assault squad.


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