Svartmetall’s Nurgle Conversions

By | 11/30/2016

+++ So much Nurgle green stuff! +++

Ok so this one is going to be a big one, lots of pictures and some words from the mad man behind them. I mean that is the best form of envy I can Svartmetall, you talented jerk. Since his work on Dreadtober this year I wanted to show off some of his sculpting.  Now over to the man himself.

Svartmetall: Jaws, a Possessed of Nurgle I made a long time ago and which was one of the first things that made me think I might be on to something with this ‘green stuff’ lark…


Possessed of Nurgle
Possessed of Nurgle

Possessed of Nurgle - painted.
Possessed of Nurgle – painted.

Svartmetall: Morty, a Mortis-pattern Helbrute; I wanted to see what I could do with the notoriously difficult-to-re-pose Dark Vengeance Helbrute, and give it some extra character in the process



Svartmetall: An Obliterator; I like the detailing of the Obliterator models but never liked the pose, so for these guys I cut them at the knee and the hip, and pin the legs to give a much more upright look. 6 made so far, more to come.




Svartmetall: Another Possessed, very much intended to look like a Plaguebearer in power armour; the trophy head he’s brandishing is from a Word Bearers warband I’ve pictured them having a long-running feud with.




Svartmetall: Some Veteran Plague Marines; I love the truly worn and battered look of their Mk. III Iron Armour. It takes a long time to weather normal troop models like this but I figure the end result is worth it.



 +++ Dreadtober Demon Prince +++

Svartmetall: Yersinis, Daemon Prince of Nurgle, made as part of the Dreadtober modelling challenge; I’d never done a Daemon Prince before and he was a lot of work but also a lot of fun. Looking forward to doing all the weathering on him…




Svartmetall: Detail shots of the kind of work I’m doing on Rhinos and Vindicators, in this case an all-but-Possessed Rhino and a full-on Possessed Vindicator.




Svartmetall: A very early conversion of mine, this being Quorthon, Sorceror of Nurgle; I suspect I will have another go at making him at some point, but I still love this guy’s bulk and his triple-headed look.



Svartmetall: This guy’s kind of special to me as he’s the first 40K model I ever made…



Svartmetall: And finally some shots of the Defilers of Nurgle I’m working on; trying to give each one a unique look and feel is making it a lot of work to get them all done, but should be worth it once complete.






+++ When Nurgle Goes to War +++

Below are some pictures of Svartmetall’s models in work at Warhammer World, alongside 3000 points of Commissar Feldwicks Demonkin (which I really need to get updated pics of, he added to them a bit). I was lucky enough to control Svartmetall’s models for him in the end. I really want some Defilers now.




I don’t think these are eyes so much as pustules…

If enough people like this he might make me a “Ork mech, mega armour, dust cloak, mechanical arms, giant underslung gun gizmo” thing! 😉

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