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Warhammer 40k 8th edition Thousand Sons unit guide

By | 07/16/2018

Over on Reddit there is a sub called r/ThousandSons, which I am a regular visitor to. One of the mods, called Alizarium, has a wonderful Thousand Sons guide. They have allowed me to post it up here for general consumption. I will be breaking it into two parts due to its size. Please do note,… Read More »

8th edition Thousand Sons battle report 

By | 12/04/2017

So my 8th edition Thousand Sons marched to war for the first time. They were to face down the vile unwashed (unpainted) Orks. Not a great match up for a a pretty elite focused army like the Thousand Sons. But then both of the armies were index based so it was a level battlefield. Not… Read More »

Thousand Sons Lord and Demon Prince – #WiPWednesday

By | 09/13/2017

+++ HQ Choices +++ The army rolls onwards towards completion! I will have a full 2000 Thousand Sons army for 8th edition if it kills you. In this WiP post we have the two Hq choices to show, Sorcerer Lord Heka himself and his pet Demon Prince. Lord Heka is a sorcerer in terminator armour,… Read More »

Thousand Sons: 2000 point Tratiors Hate Decurion

By | 11/23/2016

So I have spent a good while trying to make a list from the Black Crusade Decurion and then they announce the Wrath of Magnus. Which will have a spread of formations specifically for Thousand Sons… so I am going to put this out there anyway as something to look back on when we get… Read More »

Warhammer 40K Khorne Daemon Kin Showcase

By | 11/09/2015

Hello all. In a bit of a departure from the usual Tzeentch overload. Here we have some good old fashioned, in your face, slash and hack Khorne boys. This are all from Commisar Feldwick, one of his fun little armies. Over to him: Commisar Feldwick: “I originally was looking to do a Chaos Marine army… Read More »

Warhammer 40K Dreadtober 2: I like big bases and I cannot lie

By | 10/09/2015

So I finally managed to get an hour to paint last night! So I did my favourite part of painting any of my Thousand Sons: The blue. I love the effect of the blue on the black. To me it almost spoils it added anything else. So first up my entry to Dreadtober: As you… Read More »