Thousand Sons Lord and Demon Prince – #WiPWednesday

By | 13th September 2017

+++ HQ Choices +++

The army rolls onwards towards completion! I will have a full 2000 Thousand Sons army for 8th edition if it kills you. In this WiP post we have the two Hq choices to show, Sorcerer Lord Heka himself and his pet Demon Prince.

Thousand Sons Sorcerer Lord Heka 1

Lord Heka himself

Lord Heka is a sorcerer in terminator armour, armed with a force sword and combi melta. (Well until the codex comes out and we get some decent options) I have had him as the leader since I started my Thousand Sons.

Thousand Sons Sorcerer Lord Heka 2

Force sword

The model is made up of the standard termi lord plastic kit, with a resin torso and shoulders that were kindly gifted to me by Mordian. Then the head and force sword are both parts left over from the Scarab Occult set. The base will have a coating of PVA and sand to help tie things in.

Thousand Sons Sorcerer Lord Heka 3

Stolen tomes of power

I included some books that Heka would have liberated on his travels, as the back of the model was rather barren. I plan on putting an Inquistorial symbol on the cover of the red book to rub things in.

Thousand Sons Sorcerer Lord Heka 4

Still lots to do with him but not sure what or how to start pulling it all together. Any thoughts?

Next up we have the joys of Heka’s favourite pet, a bound demon prince.

Tzeentch Demon Prince 1

A face not even a mother could love

Tzeentch Demon Prince 2

I am quite proud of how the wings and flesh turned out. Very much a bruised amd abused flesh look as I doubt the demon looks after it. It is equipped with a pair of talons and a warp bolter (check its mouth).

Tzeentch Demon Prince 3

Both talons have a lot of work to be done still but the right hand one is coming along nicely. It will hopefully end up with a lovely green warp glow to match the armies force weapons.


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