Harlequins, Eldar and Marines oh my!

By | 09/06/2017


Happy little Murder Clowns have gotten some more models done up. First up is the big guy:

Haven’t got any green stuff at the moment so I’m improvising! Only blue-tac’d on for feedback on size.

I’ve got some light tack masking tape that I’ve cut into 3mm squares the ones in the background (yellow checkerboard) are masked up and ready to paint, the one in the foreground is done. It’s not a perfect method and needs freehand tidying. Some bleeding under the masking tape makes it a bit hit and miss.

A couple of transports and half a dozen clowns and I think I will be just about done… 🙂

Today’s crazy creation is converting my shadows into happy murder clowns. I don’t know if they are any good in 8th but I love the movement in the miniatures.

Changing it up

A bit dull after project murder clowns but what do you think of my test DA Primaris… was thinking about picking more if the panels out in bone?


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6 thoughts on “Harlequins, Eldar and Marines oh my!

  1. Adam

    See? This is why I love our hobby so much. Each person can interpret how their army appears on the table. The Murder Clowns look great and even the head swaps on the Shadows make the army look so much better!

  2. Hogfoot

    The knight head looks great, and so does the Primaris. IMO you have enough bone on him, the ‘less is more’-cliché applies here and there’s no need to go overboard.

    Are you using a regular brush for the masked checker pattern? There is a technique I picked up for doing this by airbrush, and I think the principle should work fine with regular brushwork too. What you do is, once the masking is applied, re-paint the entire area with the base colour you already masked over! This will seep under the tiny gaps in the masking tape and fill them up, so that there will be no seeping of colour when you apply the contrast colour once everything is dry. Good luck!


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