Roll out! Thousand Sons tanks are done

By | 09/02/2017

We are done and Lord Heka will be pleased. My Thousand Sons tank division is compelte, although it does leave me feeling like I should repaint the previous Rhino to match. The pictures in this post vary a lot, I was playing around with some settings and some things worked and some didn’t. I will keep experimenting until I get them looking like they do in person.

Thousand Sons tanks group shout

Group shout: Thousand Sons tanks 

So with the need to add some spot colour I was drawn between lots of gold accents and some bright decals. In the end I wasn’t feeling the gold so I stuck with the dark metals and went for yellow and blue decals. The classic Tzeentch symbol seemed like an obvious choice.

Thousand Sons tanks - Rhino

Rhino for the Rubic marines

I tried not to go overboard on the decals, just something to add some colour to distract from the blue. In addition I down played some of the worn edges.

Thousand Sons tanks - predator

Predator: Twin lascannons and heavy bolter sponsons

For the lascannon turret predator I really wanted to add something to the round of the turret. I tried some free hand and it wasn’t working so I spotted the blue Tzeentch symbol and a test fitting appealed. So after I went with that symbol on the turret I needed to do something different for the front plates. In the end I took a basic chaos star and split it across the two sides.

Thousand Sons tanks - predator

Predator: autocannon and lascannon sponsons

What do you think?

Here is the build list update:

  • Sorcerer Lord Heka, terminator armour: Started painting.
  • Demon Prince, wings: Built and base coated.
  • 5 Scarab Occult: Done.
  • 10 Thousand Sons: Soul reaper to convert and paint, rest done.
  • 10 Thousand Sons: Soul reaper to convert and paint, rest done.
  • 20 cultists: Unbuilt.
  • Defiler: Done.
  • Predator, all lascannons: Done.
  • Predator, dakka: Done.
  • Rhino, havoc launcher: Done.
  • Rhino: Done.


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15 thoughts on “Roll out! Thousand Sons tanks are done

  1. Siph Horridus

    Old school cool. Great job, love them. Make sure you post a pic alongside the Rubrics.

  2. Thor

    That’s some of your best work. The decals add some nice accents, and those worn edges help break up the blue.

  3. Westrider

    Yeah, those decals were the right call. They add a great little touch to a solid simple paint scheme that really takes them up a notch.

  4. Adam

    Definitely looks great with the yellow icons. Lots more subtle than heaps of gold accents which everybody has done.

  5. greggles

    Love the old school tanks. It’s funny how you shift over time from being “meh” old, to “wow!” its the old ones!

  6. Joe B

    Great work Rory, love the worn look along the edges. Looks like the army is coming together nicely.

  7. Hogfoot

    Looking good! Like others have commented, I really dig the old school vibe both in models and paintjob. They look like something straight out of a ’90s White Dwarf.

    If you have only recently moved into decals, I really can’t reccommend decal softeners highly enough. They are available in several brands, I often see Micro-Sol and Micro-Set mentioned online but went with Hubrol myself simply because that’s what they have in the local shop. A bottle shouldn’t run you much and will last forever. Look up decal softener online for some application tips, they have in common that they can look scary as hell while they’re drying but the result always turns out great!


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