Roll out! Thousand Sons tanks are done

By | 2nd September 2017

We are done and Lord Heka will be pleased. My Thousand Sons tank division is compelte, although it does leave me feeling like I should repaint the previous Rhino to match. The pictures in this post vary a lot, I was playing around with some settings and some things worked and some didn’t. I will keep experimenting until I get them looking like they do in person.

Thousand Sons tanks group shout

Group shout: Thousand Sons tanks

So with the need to add some spot colour I was drawn between lots of gold accents and some bright decals. In the end I wasn’t feeling the gold so I stuck with the dark metals and went for yellow and blue decals. The classic Tzeentch symbol seemed like an obvious choice.

Thousand Sons tanks - Rhino

Rhino for the Rubic marines

I tried not to go overboard on the decals, just something to add some colour to distract from the blue. In addition I down played some of the worn edges.

Thousand Sons tanks - predator

Predator: Twin lascannons and heavy bolter sponsons

For the lascannon turret predator I really wanted to add something to the round of the turret. I tried some free hand and it wasn’t working so I spotted the blue Tzeentch symbol and a test fitting appealed. So after I went with that symbol on the turret I needed to do something different for the front plates. In the end I took a basic chaos star and split it across the two sides.

Thousand Sons tanks - predator

Predator: autocannon and lascannon sponsons

What do you think?

Here is the build list update:

  • Sorcerer Lord Heka, terminator armour: Started painting.
  • Demon Prince, wings: Built and base coated.
  • 5 Scarab Occult: Done.
  • 10 Thousand Sons: Soul reaper to convert and paint, rest done.
  • 10 Thousand Sons: Soul reaper to convert and paint, rest done.
  • 20 cultists: Unbuilt.
  • Defiler: Done.
  • Predator, all lascannons: Done.
  • Predator, dakka: Done.
  • Rhino, havoc launcher: Done.
  • Rhino: Done.


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