Sorcerous Tracks

By | 08/24/2017

Predators and Rhinos – oh my!

After finishing my scorpion defiler I made a quick move onto the next part of my Thousand Sons list. Time for some treads!

Thousand Sons Predators and Rhino

Old Rogue Trader / 2nd edition style

These have been sitting around for quite a while from trades and people wanting rid of them, I know I don’t understand either. The Rhino in particular looked tiny and I didn’t fancy try to replicate my orginal one. So instead it got a beefed up front end with bonus turbine ram.

Thousand Sons Predator

Twin lascannon and heavy bolters

Of course now I am looking at them they seem a little dark, might go back and add some yellow transfers. I laid down the base coat with an airbrush and following a tip from Thor I went and carefully sponged on some wear and tear. This quickly gave them a more worn look like such ancient machines should have. I have always liked the old school Predator, so it is nice to have two.

Thousand Sons Predator

Thousand Sons Predator

The only real spots of colour on these are for the view port lenses. Simple dark red, lighter red towards the centre and a dot of white. Not that I image either Predator has a crew anymore.

Thousand Sons Predator

Predator autocannon and lascannons

Still some work to do on them yet, the transfers and lights for example. I realise now I did a bunch of work on the dozer blades to make them look more worn. But I seem to not have taken those pictures. Sure they will show up next time.

Thousand Sons Predator

So that is were I am so far. I will get this list built yet!


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10 thoughts on “Sorcerous Tracks

  1. Thor

    They’re coming along great. I agree that the weathering really helps sell them as old tanks.

    Speaking of, when you’re doing the sponging, make sure you wipe most of it off the sponge prior to applying to the model. Dip sponge in paint, dab most of the paint off on a towel, then dab the sponge to the model. Basically, just like you’re drybrushing.

    That will create a much more defined look with the chipping; more random. If there’s too much paint on the sponge then it’s just like a big brush – if you know what I mean?

    1. Rory (Stepping Between Games)

      I do remember to wipe off the excess to ensure I am not covering the whole model 😉
      I had attempted, and failed it seems, to create some areas of rougher wear. Must practice more on that technique so.

      1. Thor

        I think you did well with it. The pictures are a bit washed out, so it’s hard to discern the worn areas is all.

  2. NafNaf

    Very nice. Def think they need some colour to draw the eye in though. The yellow transfers will work nicely as you say 🙂

  3. Westrider

    Looking nice! It’s actually a pretty similar scheme to my Alpha Legion, so I’ve got a couple of old Predators that look very similar.

      1. Westrider

        Fortunately, for the 1K Sons, it’s pretty easy to check for infiltration here. Is there actually a driver? If so, it’s an Alpha Legion plant 😉

  4. Thor

    Just realizing you put a site watermark on the pictures. Nice work. I’ve been meaning to do the same on my own pictures.

  5. Hogfoot

    Having seen the end result, I think you made the right call by adding transfers – they really turned these up from good to great!


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