Finished – Thousand Sons Defiler

By | 08/22/2017

+++ Complete +++

After a good paint session, as I played D&D over Google+, I got the Defiler finished. Complete with random arcane markings, which I feel keep the demon trapped inside.

Defiler scorpion conversion - Thousand Sons

So all the bronze trim got some shading and minor highlighting. To add in some shadows as comments suggested and all. The tentacle scourges got some red wash and some gold over the dirty bronze to brighten the tops a little.

Defiler scorpion conversion - Thousand Sons 2

There is a magic symbol on each of the legs and the tail, some of which were taken from alchemy symbols. I did a fairly dark green as the rough outline, followed by a bright green and white on top. I am not 100% happy with it but cannot see how to fix it.

Defiler scorpion conversion - Thousand Sons 3

The metal of the body got a nice verdigris wash to make ita bit darker, it wanted to pool everywhere though. I spent ages drying brushes out to move it around a bit more, only to have to do it somewhere else.

Defiler scorpion conversion - Thousand Sons 4

Does my tail look big in this?

What do you think?

Here is the build list update:

  • Sorcerer Lord Heka, terminator armour: Started painting.
  • Demon Prince, wings: Built and base coated.
  • 5 Scarab Occult: Done.
  • 10 Thousand Sons: Soul reaper to convert and paint, rest done.
  • 10 Thousand Sons: Soul reaper to convert and paint, rest done.
  • 20 cultists: Unbuilt.
  • Defiler: Done.
  • Predator, all lascannons: Base coated.
  • Predator, dakka: Base coated.
  • Rhino, combi bolter, havoc launcher: Base coated.
  • Rhino: Done.


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7 thoughts on “Finished – Thousand Sons Defiler

  1. Thor

    I think he came out great. The new codex reduced the price of it too, so it’s not a terrible choice any longer.

    For the runes I would outline in a bright color, and then line the inside a darker color. That would give the impression of it glowing.

    1. Rory (Stepping Between Games)

      Cheers Thor. I didn’t know the price went down, good news. I am awaiting the Thousand Sons codex they promised me.

      Good tips on the runes. I might try that on something else and go back over it in the future.

  2. NafNaf

    Looking good dude 🙂

    I always struggle with OSL and the like. It seems so easy to some but never looks quite right when I do it either

  3. Hogfoot

    Looking good, you really turned that Defiler kit into something grand. I don’t know what bothers you about the runes, but one tip might be to go over them with a light wash in the same colour to increase the richness and smooth out the transitions of the different colours.

    Hard to say if that’s the right call by looking at the pics though, and IMO it looks great already.


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