Thousand Sons Scorpion Paint

By | 14th August 2017

+++ Now with paint +++

Things have been too quiet in the Silver Tower of Lord Heka and so I got back to work on my defiler conversion for my 8th edition Thousand Sons. I held off painting it for a while as I was going to do something new and didn’t want to mess the model up.

Glowing eye - Thousand Sons Defiler Scorpion

Fear the glowing eye!

You see normally when I highlight anything I go with a drybrush, it is easy and fast. But now and then you need to try and expand your horizons. As such the hightlights on the blue for this were all done by careful brush strokes. Not sure how much it has helped.

Thousand Sons Defiler ScorpionKeep in mind this beasty is still a work in progress but let me know what you think. For some colour I also added some red to the cables on the legs and tail.

Thousand Sons Defiler Scorpion side

Sting in the defilers tail

Sting in the defilers tail

With the defiler progressing nicely I am looking towards the next set of reinforcements for my Thousand Sons. Some proper armour. Hopefully I will get onto them soon and get some good progress. I am thinking of placing a lot of runes on them.

What do you think?

Here is the build list update:

  • Sorcerer Lord Heka, terminator armour: Built and base coated.
  • Demon Prince, wings: Built and base coated.
  • 5 Scarab Occult: Done.
  • 10 Thousand Sons: Soul reaper to convert and paint, rest done.
  • 10 Thousand Sons: Soul reaper to convert and paint, rest done.
  • 20 cultists: Unbuilt.
  • Defiler: Painting started.
  • Predator, all lascannons: Base coated.
  • Predator, dakka: Base coated.
  • Rhino, combi bolter, havoc launcher: Base coated.
  • Rhino: Done.


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