Warhammer 40K Dreadtober 2: I like big bases and I cannot lie

By | 10/09/2015
So I finally managed to get an hour to paint last night! So I did my favourite part of painting any of my Thousand Sons: The blue. I love the effect of the blue on the black. To me it almost spoils it added anything else.

So first up my entry to Dreadtober:
As you can see he is still missing his multimelta but thankfully a couple of friends are checking bits boxes for that. So that will be added later, most likely with more greenstuff added to it. Thinking of skin options for his mutated flesh at the moment, red springs to mind.

Next up is the  big old Forgefiend. Just a happy go lucky engine of destruction he is. I am going with a two tone colour scheme for this fella. Not even sure of the colour that will go on the other side but I figured if Thor cannot enter Dreadtober then I could do a split scheme on his behalf. I want to tie this fella into my Warpsmith.*
*Ignore the fact I don’t have a Warpsmith yet.
My poor Demon Prince, Lord Finch went through yet arm change! Think this is his third or fourth, depending on how you count it but either way it shows his devoution to the Lord of Change. Now he has lasher tendrils for a left arm. I don’t know why but I just loved the look of it when I mocked them up.
Finally a group shot. Just some folks out on the town.
Further to this my posts on FB have inspired a few of my talented friends to try out Dreadtober as well. As such we have Commodore tOther’s very mutated Hellbrute:

(Hopefully he will come and comment and answer questions)

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