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Sisters of Battle: Squaduary basing

The second full week of #Squaduary is drawing to a close on Thursday. So I thought I better get a crack on with basing my Sisters of Battle. You might remember my fondness for similar bases from the Shadespire Stormcast. After a few hours searching the net I managed to find these on Secret Weapon… Read More »

Ahriman and Magnus the Red stats revealed

I haven’t been keeping up much with 8th edition but these two did catch my eye. Ahriman seems like a bit of a let down but Magnus looks about right to my untrained eye. I am told there are a lot of AoS to new editions rules, so I might well have to read up… Read More »

My Hobby List – April

Every now and then I make a list of the bits and pieces I am working on in an attempt to gain some focus. This time it is a little more scattered, which is slightly worrying. Need to hammer down and finish off a few of these things. The models from Evil Craft and Anvil… Read More »

Seasons Greetings

+++ Happy Holidays +++ While I might get a post in before New Year I just wanted to take this time to wish you all a Merry Christmas. It has been a great year with you all, hope to have a great one next year.