The Golden D6 – Episode 8: We are in it!

By | 11/21/2016
Issue eight of the Golden D6 is here and it is great. 121 pages of old school gaming mag, the sort that doesn’t exist anymore. Most companies have their own magazines these days and they don’t tend to like to share that space with other companies. So this magazine makes a nice change. I fact I like this mag so nice I have a link to it on the blog here itself.

 Hammer of Wrath
Boot to the head!

The first article I of course jumped to was Kirstens Hammer of Wrath. They do a good run down of the article and some clever use of the pictures. This is a split treatment as there is just too much in the series for just one episode. I look forward to seeing how it comes out.


 Malifaux - Scary teddy!

I have been fascinated with Malifaux for a long time so it was great to see an intro article about it, with bonus pictures of creepy teddy bear things. Actually when I look at it there are quite a lot of very creepy looking pictures, which fits in with the strange nature of the Malifaux world. I learned a few pieces more about the game than I knew before.

They don’t use dice people! How do they do that?!

 Ork - In depth painting guide.

Some of you know I have been slowly collecting an Ork army over time, mostly free plastics from Assault on Black Reach. Now this tutorial goes a little further than I am going to go on the average Ork Boy but it does come with a lot of fun tips otherwise. It is well documented and painted.

Apart from all that it has:
– A guide to writing scenarios for the zombie apocalypse.
– How to magnetise an Imperial Knight.
– Scenery tutorial for a stunning set of fantasy crypts.
– Warhammer Fantasy battle.
– Review of Dark Age,
– Some Bolt Action minis
and more.

Time is ticking.

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