Podcast: Reanimation Protocol Episode 3

By | 11/20/2017
Reanimation Protocol is a 40k podcast about three gamers rediscovering their love of the game after a long time of not playing.

Andy, Doug and Chris.

They have a mixture of hobby / gaming and general talk and plan to release either weekly or fortnightly depending on whether we have topics to talk about!
The podcast is generally between 45-60 mins
  • Episode 2 we talked about our recent local tournament and our Tale of Three gamers project. Anyone is welcome to join in on that!
  • Episode 3 we talk about our continued hobby progress, how our Tale of Three gamers has been going (not very well). We also talk about tournaments quite a bit, delving into “should people ask tournaments to ban things” which Doug is quite passionate about not doing! We also talk about tough games and how to still enjoy them and somehow Andy talks about toilets…

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