Shadespire: Miniatures #WiPWednesday

By | 15th November 2017

Welcome back to #WiPWednesday. Today we have the current state of our Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire miniatures. I have gotten a lot of work done on both the Stormcast and Bloodreavers.

Stormcast trio:

Shadespire miniatures stormcast

Look at those bases! I have an entire Sisters of Battle army to paint up and I want them on similar based. So with the minis themselves, as you can see, I went with the standard gold base coat. Partially for the iconic look amd partially because I am testing the colour scheme for those Sisters of Battle.

They are all such great models, full of character and purpose. GW did not stint on using the same miniature several times to save money.

Shadespire miniatures stormcast 2

The metals are started to be blocked in and the shading, zero highlights yet. I have been trying to get a nice smooth white for some of the surfaces. This was done with multiple thin coats, like four or five. If anyone has any different ways of doing this let me know, as I am not 100% happy with the look.

The tabbards and cloaks will be getting a purple finish, which I think will work well with the gold and white. Very regal. Getting closer to sticking these permanently to their bases as the pegs in the feet are not the strongest.

Shadespire miniatures stormcast 3

The Bloodreavers:

Shadespire miniatures bloodreavers

The followers of Khorne have a lot less work done on them, mainly as I am unsure what direction to go with them. Do I give them healthy skin or pale Cratos looking features. Either way I plan on adding some tattoos and warpaint onto them.

Shadespire miniatures bloodreavers 2

Even the more static poses look like they are just about to move. My plan is to go for grey trousers, bronze armour with red plates. I think it is a shame only one is barefoot.

Bloodreaver axe detail shadespire

Axe detail

I did some experiments with the axe head to see how the metals might come out. Once again this is before highlights, but I like the general effect.

Shadespire miniatures bloodreavers 4

Alchemists Workshops were kind enough to send this copy over to us for the review, do pay them a visit. They already have me eyeing up Ironskulls Boys for the discount:

Shadespire Ironskulls Boyz