Shadespire: The Unboxing

By | 13th November 2017

A little behind the curve but here is the start of our Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire review. Alchemists Workshops were kind enough to send a copy over to Ireland for this review, do pay them a visit. Now to have a look at Games Workshops latest board game offering.

Image from Alchemists Workshops 

Before we get into any game play we are going to have to dig into the contents. I am delighted to report they have not skimped on the contents at all. Everything seems to be of a high quality, from the two sprues of miniatures to the nice thick and slick cards. The contents of the box are:

  • 3 Stormcast miniatures 
  • 5 Bloodreaver miniatures 
  • 8 double-sided character cards
  • 2 double-sided game boards
  • 96 upgrade and objective cards
  • 126 tokens
  • 8 Shadespire only dice
  • 32-page rulebook
  • Quick-start basic rules

It is no surprise that this box contains some models, this is GW after all. What did surprise me is they needed clipping out and a certain amount of sprue shaving. For a game aimed at competitive play, as this seems to be, you would imagine they would have gone simpler. 

This many tokens reminds me of Fantasy Flight Games level of bits, plus they included some baggies to sort things into. That last detail shows they have started to do some research into the field they are so desperately trying to break into. 

The game boards are a nice thick card and double sided, filled with little details to pour over. Everything from the cards to the rulebook all speaks of a common art direction. This is no surprise as the bigger projects Games Workshop does would involve a much bigger team. Here things are tight and focussed.

We can only hope the rules play out the same way.

My own WiP of the lovely miniatures.


There are a two separate warbands available and two more coming. The undead Deathrattle and Orruks are currently kicking around the Shadespire. Soon to be joining them are Skaven and Dwarven Fireslayers. Each warband comes with its own custom minis and cards but sadly not with a game board. Meaning for more than two players you will need another core set.

Image from Alchemists Workshops

Well that is all on the unboxing, next time I will show off some paint on the miniatures and after that a game or two.

Keep gaming!