Deathjester Wraithlord – More Murder Clowns

By | 11/08/2017

I wanted to do a few units of Wraith Guard to accompany my Harlequins, but with a little twist! For this I wanted the Wraith constructs to look like they were being puppets being controlled by Harlequins.

First up the Death Jester WIP

Wraithlord Death JesterPhase 1 is to mimic the death Jester dynamic pose with the Wraithlord. Some delicate cutting and pinning and I think I’ve almost got it, just need some green stuff to rebuild the joints.

Wraithlord Death Jester posing 01 Wraithlord Death Jester posing 02

Phase 2 is to link the two with a neural handshake (Pacific Rim may have influenced this project). I had a little bit of the Psychic swirl from the Yncarne so I manipulated it a little to link the two.

Wraithlord Death Jester mind link

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3 thoughts on “Deathjester Wraithlord – More Murder Clowns

  1. Thor

    Nicely done.

    Reposing things just adds so much life to them. I really need to do it more.

  2. Mordian7th

    That’s looking really cool – awesome idea, looking forward to seeing how it turns out!


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