Oncoming Wrath: Chaos Knight Project – 01

By | 6th November 2017

The Imperial Knight Warden is a wonderful kit, so very many options. But it does have one particular problem I feel and that is that everyone builds them in the same pose. I mean it is a pretty good pose for a engine of destruction, yet I felt it lacking. So despite this being my first foray into the kit I have started to convert it. First plan is to give it something to rest its little feet on:

So queue up a 3D printing of a loyalist dreadnought being crushed into the ground! A perfect object to raise up one foot and alter the stance. But to do that I needed to alter the leg, you can see in the above picture were I sliced it open before gluing the two halves together.

Dreadnought stomping

Now that we have pose changed it is time to play with magnets. Not only will this help giving more weapon options but also with transporting the big beastie. My plan to magnetise the torso is not going well so far. The magnet keeps pulling off the extra bar I made to hold it in place. Any thoughts on keeping it attached?

The toes of the left foot don’t quite hang right to me, so I am pondering taking a couple off and curling them around the dreadnought. This would mean having to sculpt the connection points. Now I am no Silvertabby or Svartmetall so this could end looking rubbish… but no guts, no glory!

So that is were we are so far, what do you think of my fledgling Chaos Knight? Needs more Chaos I think.

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