Dreadtober 2017: The final stretch

By | 10/31/2017

We are on the final week of Dreadtober. So lets see who made it across the finish line for 2017. As ever it has been a hell of a ride with people sprinting for the finish line, while others fade into the darkness. Well it wouldn’t be the Grim Dark without a few lost souls. We started with Sentinels, Carnifexs and a Hellbrute. So on Halloween itself, lets see who made it:


GRUCK! and UCK! have finally stopped trying to eat me long enough for this to be written up.

It’s the end of October and the Sentinel is finally finished. All that I’ve done this week is based it.  GRUCK! decided to get in the Sentinel’s way and is currently being kicked up into the stratosphere somewhere – UCK! on other hand (uncouth fellow that he is) has elected to attend to his ablutions upon the Sentinel’s foot.

(honestly, you can’t take them anywhere…. not that  I think you’d really want to anyways… they smell awful)

Anyway – here it is.

The latest addition to the Borealis 14th – finest Guard division in the whole damned Imperium!

  • Base colours are Caliban Green and Moot Green for the Sentinel – edge shading done (cheated) by means of a 0.1mm marker pen.
  • Silvers are Leadbelcher (with nuln oil) plus some Stormhost Silver
  • Base is Steel Legion Drab
  • UCK! and GRUCK! are Mephiston Red, Evil Suns Scarlett and a drybrush of Fire Dragon Bright.

Think that’s about it. Same time next year?

+++++ “Aiee… not in the face…. not in the face” (sounds of Glaswegian being devoured by angry Squigs….) +++++


“First Sentinel for my Militarum Pestilens warband, the ‘Disciples of Decay’…”

Starting to be at least vaguely happy (although nothing like satisified, don’t think that will ever happen) with my painting in the last six months or so. I don’t think it looks like an amateurish mess any more.


Done. Happy with it, espcially the base and the heat marks on the exhausts. The lights and lamps came out well too. 

Compares well for size against a full sentinel. In hindsight I probably should have built the base up higher, as it’s hard to instantly grab the fact that it’s supposed to be wading through mud and the lower legs are sunken


The carnifex is dipped and drying, but I shall don the hat of shame and admit I shall not be done before the beginning of November. Dreadtober has got me off my backside and painting my Nids again though, so thank you to Rory for the inspiration!


Finally my Hellbrute Oathbreaker is assembled, painted, based and ready to teach some loyalists the true meaning of The Long War. I am quite happy with how it turned out in the end, not needing to worry about creating a ruined rubble base helped for sure. Some spot colours got added with a horrible orange colour I had, just to mix things up a little.

So that is the end of Dreadtober 2017, sadly not all of us made it to the finish line but the war is long and it got people started.

So we now have an Instagram (to go along with the Facebook) account as well, to head over and have a look.

16 thoughts on “Dreadtober 2017: The final stretch

  1. Siph Horridus

    Great job on finishing Rory, and love the hex camo Sentinel. I’ve finished my Deredeo too, looking forward to seeing the final showcase of all the entrants.

  2. Westrider

    Nice bunch of completions there! I’ve hit my goal, just have to get around to taking pics and posting them.

  3. Derek McAllister

    Dreadtober, and the only Dreadnought is a filthy heretic one.
    Shocking!! 🙂

    Nice work guys, some horribly talented people out there 🙂

  4. Thor

    Awesome work everyone.

    Dessie – Lots of character; love it.
    Svartmetall – That’s some pretty convincing rust. Well done.
    Baz – Cool concept with good execution.
    Silvertabby – The pattern on the carapace is insane. Nice work.
    Rory – Good kitbash and paint job. May have to steal the top hatch decoration bit over the head thing.

    1. Derek McAllister

      Thank You most kindly, Thor!
      Greatly appreciated.

  5. Mordian7th

    Awesome stuff all around – the various sentinels all look great, and that carnifex is looking sweet!

  6. Svartmetall

    Thanks for running this one, Rory; felt nice to actually finish something for once. And congratulations to everyone else too.


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