Secret Weapon Minatures Base Review

By | 10/27/2017

Urban Rubble 60mm

I recently got my first resin base for my Dreadtober Hellbrute, who is called Oathbreaker. My idea behind the name is not because the occupant has broken oaths themselves but because they force others to. “No one can breach these walls!” That is the sort of thing Oathbreaker lives to prove wrong.

I got a 60mm Urban Rubble base for him. Honestly this was a rough choice as there is a lot on Secret Weapon Miniatures site to choose from. Having seen a lot of fellow bloggers use them it was a no brainer. Finally settling on the above base I waited with excitement and trepidation. The pictures of the base looked ace but I have heard horror stories of bubbles and thin resin.

Thankfully when my base arrived it was none of those things. A tiny bit of flash around the edge was easily filed off and everything else looked perfect. So I didn’t even need to base coat this thing, ok I was too impatient and jumped right. You can see the colours and the order I used them in above, from left to right. (You can also see how random my paint collection is)

I really enjoyed having so much raised rock details to worth with, it made the two layers of dry brush pop. Thankfully nothing is too over board and I didnt lose any of the details as I painted. So very glad I didn’t mount the model first here.

The finished product

There is ths finished base which I am jist delighted with. Here the paints are actually right to left, oops. So went with a mixture of brass and steel pipes and girders to help brrak things up. Then I noticed there was some cloth included among the rocks so that could a quick lick of paint and a wash. For the Nuln Oil and Agrax Esrthshade I mixed around the areas they were put into, attempting to create some different pockets of colour.

It is almost a shame that I am going to cover up so much of this by having Oathbreaker stride across it. Teaching people the true meaning of his name!

In the summation of this review I can fully recommend this base from Secret Weapon Miniatures. Indeed I have a few others lined up for different projects.

So we now have an Instagram (to go along with the Facebook) account as well, to head over and have a look.

10 thoughts on “Secret Weapon Minatures Base Review

  1. Siph Horridus

    I miss Brazen Brass. The new ones are not the same. Nice detailed base, great selection in their store too

    1. Rory (Stepping Between Games)

      That one is on its last legs and all sadly. A lot of the newer colours just aren’t quite the same.

      I have been picking out entire armies worth of bases from there! Need to scale it back.

    2. Westrider

      Cote D’arms (I think that’s the name) were the actual producers of that line of paints, and still have many of them available, under different names. I just go with the newer ones because it’s easier, but I know a few people who have picked some up and been really happy with them.

  2. Westrider

    “I, I am the blade/I break the oath that you made”

    I’ve picked up a few SW bases over the years, as prizes or freebies at Tournaments and such. They do good work. Haven’t seen a single one that needed substantial fixing.

  3. Thor

    Nice short review.

    I need to remember to buy some of these for my cooler models. The problem with my basing is the snow though, it covers so many little details.

    1. Rory (Stepping Between Games)

      Thanks Thor. Everything was straight forward with this review so anything else would have been just stretching things.

      Your basing scheme does work so well for the Disciples Of Twilight though.

  4. Doug

    Great looking base, and I really dig the rubble/ruins colors that you used. I have been wanting to try out some of their bases for some time; this post may be the push that I needed.
    As an aside, you could have Oathbreaker in a pose that has him leaping into the fray…That way, you can still show off a lot more of that cool base. 🙂

    1. Rory (Stepping Between Games)

      Cheers Doug and I do think you should give them a try. Let me know how you get on.

      That would be some serious reposing of the Hellbrute for that. Nice idea though.


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