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Hellboy the Boardgame: Painted miniatures

By | 11/20/2019

This boardgame is tremendous fun, fully recommend it for any fans of Hellboy or boardgames. But the models all come grey, which leaves a lot to be desired, especially as after the Kickstarter there was a lot of models. I do want to point out this isn’t a Mantic Games sponsored post, sadly they didn’t… Read More »

Scythe – A board game review

By | 09/01/2019

The game: Scythe The publisher: Stonemaier Games The designer: Jamey Stegmaier Benjamin Franklin once said, “The way to wealth depends on just two words, industry and frugality”, yet when purchasing a copy of Scythe players are offered a third word for this eponymous quote…Mechs. This is Scythe. The game where diesel powered mechs along with… Read More »

Dixit – A board game review

By | 08/13/2019

The game: Dixit The publisher: Libellud The designer: Jean-Louis Roubira I thought for my maiden voyage into the capricious waters of board game reviews that it would be a good starting point to discuss one of my personal favourites. Dixit comes across as a little bit childish on first appearance, with its green, grassy scoring… Read More »

Boardgames: Spirit Island review

By | 06/19/2018

The game: Spirit Island The publisher: Greater Than Games The designer: R. Eric Reuss The Concept Spirit Island is a fully cooperative board game where the players take the roles of spirits defending their island against invaders. The invaders expand and pillage relentlessly and the spirits must use their primordial and elemental powers to destroy the… Read More »

Shadespire: The Unboxing

By | 11/13/2017

A little behind the curve but here is the start of our Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire review. Alchemists Workshops were kind enough to send a copy over to Ireland for this review, do pay them a visit. Now to have a look at Games Workshops latest board game offering. Before we get into any game play we are going to… Read More »