Ahriman and Magnus the Red stats revealed

By | 05/31/2017

I haven’t been keeping up much with 8th edition but these two did catch my eye. Ahriman seems like a bit of a let down but Magnus looks about right to my untrained eye.

I am told there are a lot of AoS to new editions rules, so I might well have to read up on that… or just wait two and a half weeks. Personally I would love the idea of getting to play Magnus a bit without him being over powered or costing and arm and a leg.

These images and more over at Miniwars.eu.

Edit for some points costs:

5 thoughts on “Ahriman and Magnus the Red stats revealed

  1. Thor

    There’s still so many unknowns at this point. I also feel like they wanted to tone down the psychic stuff for 8th. So, I feel like the bar for psychic stuff has been lowered in general. While Ahriman may not seem like he has much going on, have we seen what your standard Librarian looks like to compare? I honestly don’t know. Magnus can at least now wade into combat and wreck stuff.

    1. Rory

      All fair points. I am guessing it will take a long while for the meta to settle after this.

  2. NafNaf

    It is so hard to judge now with everything changing how things will work, what’s over and under costed etc. I like that they are going to continue to balance units etc as the game progresses, so if something is a bit crap, it may get a boost at the next update 🙂

    1. Rory

      Fair point and it makes me think are we getting a little blown out of the water with these leaks? Too much info too quickly? Now if we got nothing we would complain as well. It is a fine line.


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