WiP Wednesday – May

By | 05/31/2017

+++ WiP Wednesday – May +++

Remember when people didn’t want to go into a GW store because they would be harassed by overly friendly staff? I am starting to feel that way about Primarius marines. As such I am going to jump right into what I and others have partially done.

Plucky Lass

The local gw store is holding a “farewell to blast markers” challenge, to build a diorama on a template. I had an initial idea I had tried ages ago of wounded Commissar versus fallen Commissar,  but it didn’t work as an objective marker so it got shelved. Then at Warhammer Fest there was a bitz box challenge and I did two imperium models back to back which I also like as an idea, so I’m planning on working on both but potentially ditching one if it stops working. So photos are of the inspiration pieces, and the materials in going to use.

Hot Commissar on Commissar action

Hot Commissar on Commissar action


The rust is GW Rhinox Hide base, with Vallejo Hull Red on top of that, with Vallejo Orange Red highlights and then some GW typhus Corrosion to bring it down a little in recesses.

I wanted to give the impression of a Defiler that’s been overgrown with noxious ‘ivy’, so the veined-looking bits of GS work are highlighted with deep greens and also a more turquoise/blue-looking green to pop against the background of so much rusted metal.
Obviously quite a way to go yet, but it’s starting to give off the atmosphere I was aiming for.

Me, Myself and Iron Within

You may notice a certain theme with my current work. I foolishly thought I could capitalise on my turn around on thr Orks with my Iron Warriors. Unfortunately I got distracted many times and had the can of silver spray paint explode on me. Turned out it was four years out of date.  Anyway here we go…

Poor Praetor suffered during my attempts at hazard stripes

Poor Praetor suffered during my attempts at hazard stripes

Quite happy with how this lot are turning out, so far.

Quite happy with how this lot are turning out, so far.

The Loyalist Warsmith, what a lovely character.

The Loyalist Warsmith, what a lovely character.

Still trying to save this thing…


2 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday – May

  1. Thor

    Plucky – I love seeing well done dioramas. Looking forward to it.

    Svart – The sculpting rocks, as always, and clever idea with the Forgefiend guns. I also really like the green with turquoise. That’s coming together awesome.

    Rory – Those hazard stripes looks good. I recall your earlier stripes, and those look pretty straight and clean. Good start on stuff all around.

    What is the marble like look on the ones where you haven’t painted? That the primer?

    1. Rory

      Thanks chief, they are a whole lot better than previous attempts.

      Yeah the Army Painter gun metal can I had exploded as I was trying to undercoat them.


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