Iron Warriors – Cataphractii Terminators: Done!

By | 06/04/2017

Header collage Iron Warriors - cataphractii terminators

Finally got a chance to sit down and get some good work in on these guys, now I have a solid unit to form the IVth Legion around. I really enjoyed putting these together, so many ways to pose them… but I do wish I hadn’t chosen to do two pointing terminators.  If I get lucky and get anothet set I will move one of them into the other squad.

Iron Warriors - cataphractii terminators

Weapons, lots of weapons

Fairly simply armed, two chainfists, a heavy flamer and a grenade harness. A nice brutal collection of weapons that suits the Iron Warriors well. If you look closely I mixed some of the shoulder pads around to make it apear like they just grabbed the replacement piece and slapped it on to get back in the fight.

As you can see I went for a darker look with these, heavily washed and minial highlights. Although the black shoulder pads and red pleats they started to look a bit like Justarien. Thankfully there is enough metal on show and the decals supplied by Jimmy.

Not 100% sure what I am going to paint next, I have quite the back log. The good news is just about everything I get for this 30K army can translate to 40K via upcoming a FW book.

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8 thoughts on “Iron Warriors – Cataphractii Terminators: Done!

  1. Spoticus

    Looks like we are in the same boat with painting Iron Warriors. Love the grittiness. Have you seen the Tyrant Siege Terminators from Forgeworld? Definitely on my list.

    1. Rory

      I have seen them and they are pretty sweet but I have a bit of conversion I am planning when funds allow.
      Thanks for the compliment.

  2. Thor

    Nice work. They look and feel gritty, which is of course perfect for Iron Warriors.

  3. Castigator

    Oh I like them, they ooze menace thanks to your characterful paint job. Nice work!

  4. NafNaf

    Very cool Rory. Agree with the others, the gritty feel works really well on them

    1. Rory

      We will see what people think later tonight if I can get pictures of the redone version of them. I put the shoulders together wrong on them and ripped them off… then added some hazard stripes.


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