Warhammer 40K Thousand Sons: Plans, Fiction and 100 Posts

By | 07/03/2016
Sorcerer Lord Heka
The ship was still in the Warp, as it had been for untold aeons.
It was easy to lose track of time when the clocks spun to some vast musical
crescendo that no one could hear. Khalmekt
adjusted the grip on his axe as he stood outside the door of the bridge and
watched the approach of Jafari. Both
sorcerers were wearing their full cobalt warplate. Their Rubrics were still
below in the sanctums, layers of dust building on them. It was time to question
their Lord, again. To seek some guidance in how they may assist him in moving
the ship from this unnatural calm of the Warp.

The doors ground open as the two mages locked step and
walked onto the bridge, dust was kicked up by their approach. A dull light fell
through the viewing portal showing a pure view of the Immaterium outside, pools of darkness dominated the room. Shadows
around the throne stirred as their lord’s familiar unfolded itself to regard
them, armoured plates sliding across each other with a screech. The Heldrake
stretched its neck towards them and snapped its jaws just short of Jafari’s face plate.
“Ehm Lord Heka may
we seek your council?” asked Khalmekt.
The figure on the throne did not look up from the open book
in its hands when it answered. “If this is about which one of you gets to use
the Rhino then you may keep your tongues silent. I told you the Warpsmith will fix the other one,
“Actually no this is more about getting the ship moving and
back to just about anywhere else” chimed in Jafari,
having recovered his nerve but still eyeing the Heldrake The Familiar Flame warily.

The book snapped shut and the figure stood, servos of its
power armour creaked with the sudden movement. “Oh that, well that is absolutely
on my mind. Now that the Angel of
has finished summoning his servants to it we are just about ready
to enact part 2,391(b) of the Grand Plan.”
Yes plans are afoot for me to actually fight a battle report. I was as stunned as you were by the thought of it. The idea of the Host Of Remembrance being stuck in the Warp while I wasn’t using them amused me and so that little bit of fiction was formed from it. It also drove me to name some of the units/models in the army.
Not exactly super serious GrimDark but it is Sunday, we all need some cheering up.

Further to this I am up to 100 posts and 53,000 views. Sadly I don’t know how many comments, there doesn’t seem to be a way to track that through Disqus.

So thank you all for looking in on this blog along the way. The encouragement has always helped.

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