Warhammer 40K Dreadtober 3: Rage

By | 10/19/2015
Here we go with my third post on this, which includes an update from Commodore tOther and the first step from Field Marshall Feldwick. So welcome to…
For more make sure to visit the Dreadtober page. While you are at it look around Greggles page in general, a wonderful blog.

Ok so my Hellbrute for the event is nearly finished, his base still needs some work and he is missing the multi-melta but he looks pretty angry. I don’t imagine him actually having a chance to fire it anyway.
He has a proud badge of the XVth on his left shoulder, showing to whom he belongs.
I am actually quite happy with how the tendrils ended up working out on this guy, it was my latest try at green stuff. I know choosing to do essentially rolled thing tubes is cheating a little but I think they fit in well.
Look at that smile? Who wouldn’t love that lil fella.
Meanwhile Commodore tOther has gotten some paint onto his abomonation:
Dreadtober update number 2: base colours on. First wash down (still drying). Decided to go word bearers hence the red. Need to tidy up the lines tomorrow and start on the highlights. I am enjoying the project enough to have started planning how to build some cultists for a Helcult formation now.
Field Marshall Feldwick:
So, Rory initiated Dreadtober, and it inspired me to convert a Hellbrute I had lying around. And here he is – plasma cannon and powerfist. Now to paint him once all the green stuff is dry.
So far this is proving to be a good Dreadtober.
Remember Tzeentch is waiting.

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