Warhammer 40K Thousand Sons 25: Not dead

By | 10/30/2015
I am not dead just having a rather hectic life schedule, this has left  very little time for painting let alone blogging about said painting. But I did manage to get some colour on my Forgefiend about a week ago, so I took some terrible* pictures so you can at least see what is happening.
*Yes I know I should do a proper lightbox but zero funds are available for such, the darker weather stops any natural light photos.

Look at this lovely blue side that represents his allegiance to the XVth Legion….
Now fear the orange side! This will represent his links to Ignis from the Ahirman books. Man is that orange tricky to get on, that is the third coat. Ah well I should have put a different colour under it first, live and Is hould learn. Hopefully
It even has a base, I worked on this one for a while for different configurations and such to get it to this level. I could just leave it very plain and great rocks are a theme, apparently, in my basing so there you go. Still lots to be done on it though.
Finally I found an old Battletech mini I was given many years ago, a Madcat (I am pretty sure). I uncovered it just before a recent games convention and was planning to bring it along to give it a real game to play in. Sadly then everyone bar me in my house fell sick. So this will be his only moment of minor fame.
Remember only Tzeentch can prevent forest fires.

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