Squaduary 2020: The end!

By | 03/02/2020

Another year of Squaduary is finished and we have some great minis to show for it. I would like to thank everyone who joined in, got inspired and put some toy soldiers together and threw paint at them.

This is the fourth year of Squaduary, the final posts for each year are linked below:

2019 final post2018 final post2017 final post

This is it folks, there are no more stages. Below are the finished results.

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Blogs (click the names for more their posts):


I finished my Squad! Yep, not as numerous as some pledges and only 5 Marines, but the extra large weapons/packs and a unique Sergeant mini made this as challenging/time consuming – I am a slow painter!


Batch painting is the pits. Until you’re done and then you’re like, “Yeah baby, I’m a lean, mean painting machine!” Overcome by ADHD I kept being distracted by Evil Dead Ash. He was such a pleasing conversion, I wanted him to shine. So I just slowed down and started painting him on his own.

262 Krieg

[DAM finished last week, check the link above for their post]


So the end of the month looms large and with it, the end of Squaduary 2020. I’m happy to report that I finished my squadron of three Vertus Praetors for my Adeptus Custodes force.

Folks from Stepping Between Games:


So, here they are.

Full disclosure, I haven’t finished. As you can see they’re not based properly yet, and they’re lacking some detail, I guess I’m about a week behind where I should be.
Nonetheless, they’re not bad overall and they have successfully scared my D&D players. Not been feeling the joy of the painting this time, but that’s my issue to deal with.
Thanks again to Rory for having run the event, sorry that I couldn’t complete the challenge on this occasion.


There comes a point when you just need to admit you aren’t going to finish Squaduary on time. For me, this was 1.30am on the evening of the 29th. Still, the mounts are 95% done, it’s mostly the girls that aren’t finished…

Thousand Eyes

Some touch ups of the highlights and extending my spot colour, purple, across the models and we are done. Well maybe, I might come back and touch things up at some stage but that is it for the moment.

Pretty happy with how they came out in the end. Now for a squad of jetbikes.

We are done for another year and I am proud to see so many projects worked on. Thank you to everyone who joined in and cheered people on.

18 thoughts on “Squaduary 2020: The end!

  1. glasgowdessie

    Some gorgeous models in here, in particular loving the Preatorian Astra Militarum.
    Your Custodes models are looking sweet Rory… strong play

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      Loved your spooky cult models chief.

      I am looking forward to slowly adding to my custodes.

  2. Gary

    Congratulations to everyone who finished, I still haven’t gotten around to finishing last year’s pledge 😬

  3. monkeychuka

    Great idea to motivate folks to smash some minis out to a hard deadline. See you next year hopefully.

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      Looking forward to seeing what you can smash out in the future.

  4. Siph

    Thanks again to all participants “Squaddies” and to Thousand Eyes for running another event, another Devastator Squad sees the Battlefield rather than languishing on the to-do pile!

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      Thanks for joining in chief. Always great to see the to-do piles of shame being reduced.

  5. Ann

    A nice collection of models. I wish I had gotten my dwarves done, but perhaps next year I’ll see this earlier and join in at the start instead of halfway through.

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      You had a hard job of catching up but I am sure your dwarves will soon be finished.

      1. Ann

        Yes, I will definitely finish the dwarves this month. The painting challenge did help because I got a lot further along than I would have otherwise.

  6. Sam

    Gah, I knew I was forgetting something!
    Got keen early on and then got distracted.
    Some great looking entries, well done all!

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      Hope it provides some motivation or inspiration going forward so Sam.

  7. Cylde Ar

    great effort all of you. Love those marvellous painted models.

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