Squaduary 2020: Week 4 details

By | 02/23/2020

We are beginning the final week of Squaduary 2020. With only a week to go lets see how people are getting on.

Squaduary runs through the month of February and aims to help people get a new squad built and painted. Throughout the month you pledge, build and paint a set of troops for your army. The aim is to get some of your grey plastic pile and turn them into painted troops on the battlefield. Some models may have been partially built, some may have been base coated, but it is up to you. These minis could be from Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, Bolt Action or anything else. Don’t feel it has to be Game Workshop only.

This is the fourth year of Squaduary, the final posts for each year are linked below:

2019 final post2018 final post2017 final post

Previously I have laid out some stages as a guideline, I will repeat them below in case they help.

++ The Stages +++

There will be four stages, each taking a week. We are currently on stage 4:

4. Basing: 22nd – 28th

Adding the base or just painting it out.

There no hard rules for this event because this is a hobby and so should be fun for all. Getting that unit of Horus Heresy Destroyers done, your Orc Blood Bowl team out, your Malifaux crew ready to game, etc. Use this as a chance to gain some hobby momentum for the new year.

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So, after some slow progress and a week lacking any significant goals, Storm Dennis gave me the opportunity at the weekend to stay indoors and get some paint down.


Starting to feel the burn now. I am definitely over Skitarii. Got to keep reminding myself that this is the last batch and then I’ve finished all 30. I’ve just been doing an hour, maybe two, a day after dinner.

262 Krieg

Coming to the end of Squaduary 2020 week three and it’s time to reveal my progress. I was able to complete the twelve models I set out to paint, pretty much right on schedule. As mentioned in earlier posts, I’m away for business all next week so it was important that I wrapped things up this year in three weeks instead of four.


As you can see, I’ve added another completed jetbike to my squad of Vertus Praetors. Now I only have one model left to complete for the full squad! I’m really pleased that I’ve been able to match the quality of the two models so closely and it gives me a lot of hope for expanding the army going forwards.

Folks from Stepping Between Games:


I’m gonna go ahead and call these guys done,considering i usually only paint to battle ready standards i’m really happy with how they came out


Sadly due to being ill, then away for a few days, and then needing to complete a client’s photographs I’ve just had no time. I shall ensure there is some content for week 4 but not apologies in the meantime.


The proxy Thunderwolves are coming along nicely. I’m all set for the final week panicked scrabble to finish in time.

Thousand Eyes

Taking the feedback I have had from last time I have worked on brightening the highlights on the armour. It was coming off far too dark, hopefully it shows a little better now.

How are your own projects going?

5 thoughts on “Squaduary 2020: Week 4 details

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      There has been some great progress, including yours.

  1. Siph

    Love those Praetorians and your scheme Thousand Eyes with the highlights is looking more defined and ghostly. “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight” vibes.

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      Thanks Siph, I may need to try incorporate that line somewhere.

  2. Ann

    Been making good progress and am working hard on getting my four dwarves done by the 28th, though I do have to say it is 50/50 whether or not I’ll come in under the deadline. Got the musket-wielding wizard’s familiars done though, which I guess is a small victory. 🙂


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