Squaduary 2022: Week 3 rolls on

By | 02/22/2022

Squaduary 2022 rolls on! Time to see what glorious progress has been made with the piles of grey out there.

Squaduary runs through the month of February and aims to help people get a new squad built and painted. Throughout the month you pledge, build and paint a set of troops for your army. The aim is to get some of your grey plastic pile and turn them into painted troops on the battlefield. Some models may have been partially built, some may have been base coated, but it is up to you. These minis could be from Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, Bolt Action or anything else. Don’t feel it has to be Game Workshop only.

This is the sixth year of Squaduary, the final posts for each year are linked below:

2020 final post – 2019 final post – 2018 final post – 2017 final post

So let’s see what people have been up to:

Siph from WeeMen

“Here are the two Bikers completed, decals on and awaiting the final varnish seal coat. Still undecided on whether I should arm these with two Special Weapons and Sergeant with a Combi-Weapon but I think I will keep them basic for now, they give me options to field if points are tight and more Bikers are needed, or to supplement the other squads with ablative wound Bikers without Special Weapons.”

Chucking Monkey 

“Really pleased with Barb the Barbarian tho. She is definitely the sort of tank you want to send into a room first. All round hero and damage soaker, a firm family favourite. I highlighted her skin with Cadian Fleshtone and White Scar and put a light glaze over her.”

262nd Death Korps of Krieg 

“The gold armor is pretty much done at this point.  The gauntlets and straps need highlighting, though.”

Thousand Eyes

You can see here the progression on the flame jobs. Furthest away is complete, middle has some of the tones applied and the closest has just the base yellow applied. I spend a lot of time looking back at models wondering if the flames look good, are they random enough. Over all I think they work out.


Slowly but surely, I am on track to fail again this month…

Got to get my skates on…


sisters of battle wip

Thanks to my good friend, Chronic Insomnia progress on these sisters has been somewhat delayed, this week I managed to tidy up the base colours on the armour & robes, got most of the metallics & purity seals done, helmets need quite a bit of work still that I’m hoping to get nailed down after a decent knights sleep.

Some lovely progress from all involved and we are only half way there. Can we keep the #Squaduary train running?

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