Iron Warriors Leviathan – Finished!

By | 12/07/2018

After far too long pondering paint schemes my Iron Warriors Leviathan is finished. Another tool in the arsenal of Warsmith Curax The Butcher. I have always been a fan of giant stompy robots, anyone who has seen my Knights will understand that, the latest one a Knight Gallant is seen here in Dreadtober.

This is all part of my ground pounding Iron Warriors force.

Iron Warriors Leviathan

Iron Warriors Leviathan - front

When I first previewed this picture on Reddit, Twitter and Instagram some people wondered about the lack of hazard stripes. So I fixed that in what I hoped were suitable places. I kept one of the scorpions from the original Cullen model to work as some heraldry.

Iron Warriors Leviathan - left side

It would be easy to keep the majority of the model metal but I wanted to add some colour in. The blue cables, hazard stripes and black sections.

Iron Warriors Leviathan - back

For the back vents I tried to do some wet blending, didn’t work out so well though. I will have to have a rethink and give it another run.

Iron Warriors Leviathan - right side

Secret Weapon Miniatures base

The base is a piece from Secret Weapon Miniatures, part of the Urban Streets line they do. I have gotten some of the 40mm bases in the same line for some terminators I have coming up.

So what do we think so far?

6 thoughts on “Iron Warriors Leviathan – Finished!

  1. Thor

    Very menacing – I love it. That is a pretty awesome model.

  2. Siph

    Great job, maybethe Scorpion would benefit from not being red as that is Red Scorpions badge, but nice, love the twin Assault Cannon.

  3. Castigator

    Wow, he looks rather tasty, great work!
    I’m with Siph regarding the scorpion, I can’t help but think that it would benefit from looking more like a real life badge. It’s screaming out to be be the same colour as the grating on its base to me.
    It’s only a suggestion though because it still looks very nice 😀


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