Dreadtober: 2018 finished!

By | 10/31/2018

The last week of Dreadtober is finished. Thanks to the folks running the Dreadtober blog for another great year of it. Check back on our progress so far:

Now on to the models themselves:


Well I said I was being ambitious and I think I bit off more than I could chew. Especially as I’ve been busy with work! I’ve not finished it but the building is complete and I’m pretty happy with it. Still needs a little work in some areas that I can see better now it’s primed, but I don’t want to rush to meet a deadline and not be happy with it in the table.

Fingers crossed I’ll have it done in the next fortnight or so.

Baneblade conversion

Baneblade conversion


Not completely finished, but made huge progress in last two weeks on my first ever super-heavy. Cheers to Rory for running this again.

Super heavy imperial guard conversion

Super heavy imperial guard conversion


(See last week)

Warhammer 40K Leviathan


Finally I have finished a Dreadtober project. Fun model to convert and paint. It’s already reaping ultramarines in games too. Thanks to Rory for running Dreadtober again this year for us! Bring on next year!

Warhammer 40k death guard Leviathan

Warhammer 40k death guard Leviathan


Just squeezing across the finish line. My latest knight Unrelenting Fury, is finished!

I challenged myself in a few ways with this, by working on my Orktober Deathskulls trukk and some commission work at the same time. But further to that I went all out with trying the black flames, which aren’t perfect but I like.

I also went ahead and did a conversion on the Thunderstrike Gauntlet, for more punching power.

Pretty soon I will have a post up about the gorgeous Secret Weapon Miniatures base Unrelenting Fury is standing on and all.

Now should I do another Knight…

9 thoughts on “Dreadtober: 2018 finished!

  1. Adam

    Yes. Do another Knight. What a silly question! Also, that Nurgle Dreadnought looks awesome.

  2. Thor

    Great job everyone!

    Svartmetall – That camo is looking awesome.

    Pinky – Awesome looking Dread with great color contrast.

    tOther – That thing is so creepy…I love it.

    Rory – Great job and those flames are looking good. Quite the accomplishment getting a Knight done.

      1. Thor

        That’s been my approach, push a little each time. It makes it manageable and prevents being overwhelmed and/or disappointed in the result. It all adds up over time.

  3. Daniel Badnall-Neill

    And I’ve now started work on 3 more helbrute conversions for my DG. And finally got my painting keen back so have managed to get 10 blight Lords and 3 death shroud termies 2/3rds base coloured! Might actually aim for something not DG related for squaduary…


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