My little Ork Trukk for #Orktober

By | 10/18/2018

I couldn’t let Orktober go by without putting out some more Greenskin fun. Seems like it has been a while since I shared my Ork Warboss, back in July. 2017…. oops. With that in mind I thought my Boyz need an Ork Trukk.

No time like the present to get back to it, as such I put together an kit I have had since Christmas. What a wonderful model it is to put together it is and all.

The Ork Trukk – Bloo Danger

Ork Trukk conversion

Ork Trukk conversion

Wouldn’t be one of mine without some small modifications:

  • Removed the middle wheels.
  • Raised the rear wheel.
  • Replaced the Ork with the big shoota with fuel cannisters.
  • Moved the gun to a central high up position.
  • Added some pieces of plasticard to add some more structure.
  • The left off some pieces that made it look a little slower.

Ork Trukk conversion

Ork Trukk conversion

I went with a rusted and battered look for this, but keeping with the bright colours in my warband. My Deffskulls like things vivid.

Here is the full, painted, collection so far. I still have some more Boyz, some Warbikes and a very special conversion of a character I hope returns in the codex.

Ork Boyz, Ork Trukk and Ork HQs


Still so much love for the original main Ork himself, Ghazhkull Mag Uruk Thraka who I painted two years. Interesting to see some of the same people commenting on posts to this day.

Ork HQs, including original Gazhkull and a conversion

The backbone of any Ork army is masses of Boyz. While they look great together I can understand why people find it a pain to start with some many to do. I plan to paint more you in batches of five.

Ork Boyz

So has this month been more Dreadtober or Orktober for you?

12 thoughts on “My little Ork Trukk for #Orktober

  1. Thor

    Some nice subtle changes on the trukk that look cool. Plus, it also makes it fit in with the current style they’re doing for Speed Freeks, so bonus. I always wanted to get that kit, I have 3-4 of the old trukks, but never did get around to it.

  2. Siph Horridus

    Love the hot rod look of this Trukk, only constructive crit maybe the front blue ‘teeth’ could benefit from some weathering/drybrush metallics to look a bit battered bt otherwise looks great as is mate! Glad I’m still here commenting 😉

    1. Rory (Stepping Between Games)

      Cheers Siph.
      Good point about the front end, the teeth are actually slightly weathered. But nothing extreme, I could do some hard edges on them to make it show more though.

  3. Westrider

    The Trukk is a really cool Model. I kind of wish there were more options in the kit itself, but it’s easy enough to get some great variation, as you show so well here!

  4. corrm

    You’ve got a nice Waaagh! coming along there. Can’t wait for the codex to come, excited to see my Orks back on the table again.


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