WiP Wednesday – Warboss and more

By | 06/13/2017

+++ Beauty and the Beasts +++

A quick Work in Progress Wednesday for you all to show some snippets of what people are working on at the moment. For me I am still on my Ork kick and have built my Warboss to lead them. This could prove to be a bad idea as I still need a lot of boys but I couldn’t resist when I was offered the new Fincast Ghazkul cheap. Even if I prefer the original. Remember all the shots below are WiP.

Gitbash Skullkrusha – Da Bloo Wonda

The name actually came from a combination of suggestions made from the Facebook page. Orky McOrkface was a contender though.


Harlequin WIP… I hate diamonds, trying to get them on the cuffs and it’s not working!


Adding the guys to the pile now


Thanks to hayfever the last 2 days have been pretty proactive on the painting front. Got some highlighting to go and then just a riptide for warhammer world in 2 weeks.

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9 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday – Warboss and more

  1. Spoticus

    I enjoy the color on Orks. Great WIP on Gazzy and not shying away from it.

    1. Rory

      Cheers. I was worried at first about messing with the model but I wanted to make this Waaaagghhh my own.

  2. Hogfoot

    Good show! You manage to keep parallell projects going to an extent I can only dream of!

    1. Rory

      Might be some confusion there, only the Ork in the post is mine. The others are just regulars on the blog and events.

      I am only working on:
      Thousand Sons
      Iron Warriors
      SWA kill team
      Chaos Knight
      Sisters of Battle
      Few commissions.

  3. Thor

    Good work everyone.

    Rory – The light you use for your shots, what is it? Like, is it a lamp with an uncovered bulb (no shade), some LED desk lamp, etc?

    Anyway, I’m liking the Warboss. What shade of blue is that?

    Pinky – Loving that Harlequin. The color choices are great.

    Plucky – That’s coming together very well.

    Mo – Nice work. I’ve painted one Crisis suit in my life, so I realize how many edges there are to highlight. Good luck!

    1. Rory

      That is actually my little light box. It had an LED strip that plugs into a usb.

      It is actually just a couple of thin coats of an army painter blue. Not sure they even named it.

      1. Thor

        I like it, whatever it’s called.

        Seems those LEDs are a bit too bright, and it’s really washing out the shots. You might try covering the LED strip with a piece of white paper, like printer paper, to filter it out some.


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