Dreadtober: Week 2

By | 10/15/2018

Another Dreadtober update. Folks are putting in some great effort here as we can see from last week’s post compared to this week’s.


Not a bad weeks progress for the Leopard / Shadowsword variant Baneblade despite being away with work for 4 days.

Sponsons almost finished, mutter mutter grumble grumble, bloody GW kits making moveable parts which can only be clipped together by an octopus! So I cheated and pinned and glued them in place, no they won’t move but TBH I’ve always found that moveable barrels etc get broken too easily whilst playing and transporting.

Decided to set the main turret section further back than on the leopard to lessen the overhang over the volanco cannon, so that also won’t move but it’ll give a bulkier look to the rear of the chassis.

Main focus for the next week is to get the sponsons finished, Leopard mouldings etc sanded off to replace them with GW attachments, eagles etc. Still confident of getting it done but it’ll be right down to the wire!

Turret with mini turret?


Wanted a Leviathan for my Death Guard but considering the amount of work to convert it shelling out for the FW one seemed a bad idea. Instead I’ve taken the easy fit retributor dreadnought and used that as a starting point.

My hobby time is massively limited due to having a toddler running around the house so this is as far as I’ve got so far. Green stuff work has started though and Dreadtober is a good motivator to get as much done as I can when I can.

Next up; even more Green stuff!


Work progressing on the counts-as Malcador Infernus. Rust painting on hull completed (still finishing off the wheels), sponsons, cupola, driver’s view port and upper-casemate section for cannon added.


Base colours and Camoshade done, after recent performances in battle this chap deserves an epic paint job!


I haven’t got as much progress as I wanted at this stage but a lot of time was spent creating the right-handed Thunderstrike Gauntlet. But with that done I am pushing forward and choosing the faceplate.

How is everyone else getting on with hobby projects?

7 thoughts on “Dreadtober: Week 2

  1. Mordian7th

    Sweeeeeet – Awesome stuff, man!

  2. Westrider

    Nice! I particularly like the idea of using a Redemptor as the basis for a Leviathan conversion.

      1. Daniel Badnall-Neill

        Feel free to steal it 😉

  3. corrm

    Great stuff! I really need to get started on my own though….


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