Easy Thunderstrike Gauntlet conversion

By | 10/12/2018

Dreadtober rolls on and I am building a Knight Gallant. Mainly due to the imagery of this machine barrelling through buildings and enemies, smashing them all aside. What better to crush my enemies than a Thunderstrike Gauntlet.

But I do like converting knights and I really wanted a pair of Thunderstrike Gauntlets. So that means it was time to get cutting…

Thunderstrike Gauntlet conversion tutotial

Thunderstrike gauntlet right hand conversion - unaltered

The first edits we make are to remove everything from the sides of the Gauntlet. This makes the sides almost mirrored. Do make sure to use a sharp blade to do this, rather than a clippers. We will need these pieces later.

Thunderstrike gauntlet right hand conversion - wires sliced off

Following this we need to move the thumb to the other side. Start using a file to carve out to small semi circles, then pushing the halves together to check alignment. Make sure the hole you are creating is similar the original one.

Thunderstrike gauntlet right hand conversion - drilled thumb hole

Repeat this process until you have a opening large enough for the thumb to fit in, without it falling through. It should be able to rotate around loosely at this point.

Thunderstrike gauntlet right hand conversion - thumb inserted

Now we start to make it actually look like a Thunderstrike Gauntlet again. Rolling a thing piece of green stuff (or your preferred equivalent), we create the raised hold around the thumb.

You have two options to cover the empty space in the thumb ball, I went with mechanicus skull from the Knight sprue. You could of course put in some green stuff and smooth it down.

Thunderstrike gauntlet right hand conversion - thumb detail

Next we fill on the gap left on the underside from the old thumb socket. Once that is dry we can sand it down and re-attach our carefully cut wiring.

Greenstuff - heel of gauntlet

All that is left to attach it on to a half finished knight and pose for a picture.

Knight gallant with two gauntlets - conversion

So what do folks think? Hopefully this tutorial will help some folks out. Please do let me know how you get on.

12 thoughts on “Easy Thunderstrike Gauntlet conversion

  1. Ed OMalley

    I really like that. Simple to do but a nice end result.

  2. Westrider

    Nice! That’s actually a much easier project than I would have expected. I might have to do a right-handed one as well, just to add some variety. Thanks for sharing!

      1. Westrider

        Probably won’t be any time soon, but when I get around to it, I’ll put it up for sure.

  3. dmary

    Nice, clever idea for a fairly straight forward conversion. The result is excellent!

  4. Siph

    Nice and simple clear tutorial cheers, “hulk smash” pose is on…


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