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Dreadtober: week 3 in the bag!

By | 10/22/2018

Another week of Dreadtober down and we are swiftly running out of the month. Check back on our progress so far: Dreadtober week 1 Dreadtober week 2 Now on to the models themselves: Baz Well here we are, another week down. Doesn’t look like much but I’ve finished the sponsons and the removal of the… Read More »

Dreadtober: Week 2

By | 10/15/2018

Another Dreadtober update. Folks are putting in some great effort here as we can see from last week’s post compared to this week’s. Baz Not a bad weeks progress for the Leopard / Shadowsword variant Baneblade despite being away with work for 4 days. Sponsons almost finished, mutter mutter grumble grumble, bloody GW kits making… Read More »