Genestealer Cult Warlord traits

By | 10/25/2018

Saw another leak today, either a real snapshot of the Warlord traits or a cunning fake. Edit: this broke on 4chan here.

Genestealer cult warlord traits

Some to me are very much better than others:

Born Survivor gives some survivability, but not something to rely on.

Wall Creeper can get you through crowded boards pretty quickly.

But the stand out is Ambush Leader; being able to choose how you enter and bringing a unit with you is going to be very strong.

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10 thoughts on “Genestealer Cult Warlord traits

  1. Westrider

    Depending on what you want, any of them other than Born Survivor seem like they could be really good. Born Survivor isn’t bad, it’s just a solid step below any of the others. It seems like they’re going for two for Survivability, two for Aura Buffs, and two for Mobility.

    If I just want to keep my Warlord alive and deny that VP, Shadow Stalker seems like the winner. I’d rather go for greater odds of not taking the Wound in the first place than for a chance to get it back if I survive long enough.

    Focus of Adoration opens up all sorts of shenanigans, and ignoring Morale with Alien Majesty makes big Units of Neophytes viable.

    Wall Creeper is very tempting, especially if it doesn’t get errata like Fly and Flip Belts did. Ambush Leader is probably the best of them, tho, unless there are a bunch of other ways to manipulate your results on the Ambush table.

  2. Dave Ronson

    You just took this from 4chan, and slapped your watermark on it. Pretty dishonest.

      1. CaptainBetts

        Where did you originally get it from? To my knowledge 4chan was the origin of the leak. Are you the origin of the leak?

  3. Koldan

    One problem with the leak, wall creeper. With the last faq fly and all similar rules got the limitation to work only in the movement phase, which is missing here. So this could be a hint, that it is fake.


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