Bam Paints Stuff: Eldar Wraiths

By | 06/03/2023

In this post Bam Paints Stuff starts a series about getting back into the hobby and his Eldar.


I have been out of the hobby for around 5 years and have done zero painting in that time. A friend set up a narrative gaming channel, and suddenly, I was extremely keen to get back into it. I have always loved the Eldar models, and seeing the work coming out of the recent GDs, it got me keen to actually complete an entire army for once! I am not a competitive player, but I used to like playing, and I love painting.
eldar dark reapers, wraithguard and wraithlord
I didn’t want a simple scheme or style as I am at heart, a masochist for long projects. At this point for the standard wraith models, I believe it will take 20+ hours per model. So I dread to think about the entire army. However! I am keen and willing to get stuck in to complete the challenge I have set myself, and to generally improve myself as a painter.


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